Is it illegal to buy CBD oil in Canada?

Published Mar 2, 2019 11:50 a.m. ET

On October 17, 2018 Cannabis became legal in Canada. CBD oil made from cannabis plants that are produced by Health Canada’s approved Licensed Producer (LP) are legal for medical use.

Is CBD oil legal in Canada?

If you are of age and or hold a medical prescription to consume cannabis, you can purchase through a LP. Or Canada’s online store OCS will also be supplying CBD oil. However, the only legal CBD without prescription is derived from the industrial hemp plant. The amount of THC must be below 0.3% to meet the requirements for it to not be a controlled substance.

The supply from the Ontario Cannabis Store is presently having a few problems with obtaining the demand for the herb and oil products. When purchasing from an illegal dispensary or even the corner store, it is not safe. The quality and potency are not regulated and can therefore not be proven safe or consistent in its dosing formulas.

A look back in history, how CBD Oil become illegal

Cannabis use can be traced back hundreds of years ago, as it was used in Chinese medicines. In the 1900’scannabis was introduced to Canada, very shortly after its introduction cannabis was placed on the Confidential Restricted List. This placed the use of Cannabis on the Narcotic Drug Act Amendment Bill. This was createdin 1923. History suggests that the book entitled The Black Candle may have something to do with the restriction. In the 1930’s cannabis began to increase in its popularity.

Reasons why CBD oil should be legal


This oil produces no psychoactive feelings. The extraction of CBD can be from the marijuana plant or the industrial hemp plant. Licensed producers across Canada are the only suppliers of CBD extracted from the cannabis plant.

The benefits from this plant are insurmountable. There are many patients that are switching to CBD medicine for their individual needs. Of course, this is not advised unless you have the guidance of a health provider. Never add or substitute medicine or cannabis without discussing it before starting a different medical regime.

This oil should be legal the benefits out-way any negativity that might surround CBD. CBD oil is a discreet way of providing the body with the benefits of the oil without having to smoke or inhale.

Look at some of the benefits that we know are provided using CBD oil. Anti-inflammatory properties are abundant in CBD oil, relief from the frequency of epileptic seizures and the added relief of pain along with the ability to produce an overall healthy uplifted body without feelings of mind-altering effects. The terrible side-effects that are reported from traditional anti-inflammatory medication is another reason for the argument that the oil should be legal in Canada, there are very few noted side effects from the use of CBD oil.

The best way  to ensure that the CBD oil you purchase is safe, healthy and regulated, is for you to purchase your CBD oil from a registered LP. When you obtain authorization for medical marijuana use under the ACMPR,you will be guaranteed more consistent access to your supply and be able to speak directly to licensed producer about advice on dosing and product selection.



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