Is albino cannabis real?

Published Feb 15, 2019 00:32 a.m. ET
Albino cannabis plants are rare; they are not a figment of your imagination.

Albinism in plants is characterized by the loss or partial loss of chlorophyll, the pigment in the plant that provides the green color. When plants lack this pigment, it affects photosynthesizing which they need for survival. The whole plant does not have to be affected; it can be a particular part like the buds or the leaves.

Without special care,these plants will die.

Albino weed is a recessive genetic trait. The environmental factor could also be a cause of plant albinism. Plants that are growntoo close to the light source can theoretically be bleached. This does not usually happen to out-door grown plants. Plants that suffer from bleaching struggle to survive and produce slower growth along with smaller yields.

White cannabis leaves could be from the dreaded powdery mildew. This fungus can make your plant'sleaves look white. Beware this is not an albino plant or a rare weed. This is unwanted and can be the death of your plants. Powdery mildew can affect indoor or out-door grown plants. It will slow down the photosynthesis which will in-turn produce a smaller yield. Monitor this fungus carefully it will attack younger vulnerable plants. This fungus can affect your buds making them look white. You may notice the smell on your buds is unusual also.

One of the most famous white strains perhaps in the world is the White Widow: it was bred in the Netherlands and is a well-balanced hybrid. Crossing a Brazilian sativa and a south Indian Indica gives us this strain. The white marijuana buds are full of the crystal resin. This is giving a clear indication of the powerful, potent effects that will envelop you. No waiting here, you will enjoy the effects immediately. Your conversational skills are going to be amazing and compliment the creative feelings that you have.

Medically this strain will decrease those stress levels that can invoke depression. As a pain reliever,this strain can hold its own. There are a few negative effects that it may bring with it. Dry mouth is probably a number 1 negative aspect, and some complaint about dry eyes.

Albino Weed Strains:

White Lightning


This white weed strain was bred by a Canadian seed company. The Indica-dominant hybrid will provide a relaxing and deep calm. Those euphoric feelings are spreading throughout you, and you feel happy. The sugary trichomes give a heavy dusting on the buds, providing a beautiful white weed for your enjoyment.

Medically this white weed will help ease your symptoms of insomnia, anxiety and Parkinson’s. Side effects from chemotherapy treatments including eating disorders can also be beneficial. Pain is relieved when using this strain. The dry-mouth effect is present in this strain as with most Indica strains.

White Kush

This strain will make you relaxed and giggly. This would be a perfect white weed pick for the end of the day.

Medically: if insomnia is your complaint, you have found your friend, this will fix you up. As a pain reliever, White Kush does its job in providing relief for you. Again, the dry-mouth experience could accompany this strain along with some dizzy feelings.

I’m off to enjoy a White Widow joint hope you do the same, be safe and enjoy!



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