How to tell if weed is laced or other concerns

Published Jul 12, 2019 12:02 p.m. ET
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Is my weed safe for consumption?

Cannabis use is safe; no one has died from using cannabis; however, with laced weed, there is a concern.

Since the law regulates the legalization of weed in Canada, black-market purchasing is where the laced weed enters into the market. The legalization of marijuana has perhaps driven the black-market down, and therefore, the problem with laced weed is diminishing in Canada, UK, and some US states where there is legalization.

Pesticide, glass, hair sprays, detergents, and heroin are all agents that have been found in laced weed. Adding substances can add to the weed measurements and weight providing a more lucrative and costly product putting more money in the shady dealer's pocket.

Look at your weed bud closely, does it have the appearance that you usually observe when purchasing the weed? Does it smell different? How is the taste? If you notice a distinct pungent smell than the weed bud that you have purchased in the past from a legal marijuana source you could have bought laced weed.

There is evidence that recreational users rub their weed against a CD if it scratches there is a possibility it has been laced with glass, another possible substance that is used in laced weed.

Shady street dealers must sell the low-grade weed at any cost. Supplementing it with additives will help to pass the low quality off as high-quality weed. The shady dealer can also lace the low-quality weed with stronger addictive drugs like heroin, cocaine, and LSD. This method helps to ensure the customer returns for more drugs.

The shady dealer does not always lace the low-grade weed with expensive, addictive drugs. The shady dealer has been known to use laundry detergent and perfumes to enhance the smell and additives to make the weed measurement increase.

Laced weed can cause side effects that are not wanted and not expected from smoking weed. If your weed is laced with stimulants like meth or cocaine, you will experience an intense euphoric experience. PCP or LSD can cause massive hallucinations. The expectancy of marijuana is compromised by the additives and can produce extreme symptoms.


Heroin-laced weed can cause an overdose or death to the first-time user. The symptoms of heroin-laced weed include:

• Slowed breathing
• Decreased heart-rate
• Confusion
• Unconsciousness
• Drowsy
• Lethargic
• Paranoia
• Slurred speech
• Drastic changes in body temperatures

Cannabis on acid, also known as K2, is 100 more toxic than natural marijuana; this substance is not cannabis; it is illegal and dangerous.

What should you do if you suspect that you have ingested marijuana that is laced with another substance? If you happen to experience symptoms that are making you uncomfortable and uneasy, and a different feeling from any marijuana bud that you have smoked before, contact medical help. If you are with a sober person, have them drive, you to the emergency room. If you are alone, call 911, try to relax and wait for the emergency help to arrive.

For most of us, it is impossible to know what is in our marijuana that we have purchased on the street from the local street dealer. Although laced weed is not common, it is available. The best way to help ensure that you do not receive laced weed is to purchase from legal sources. Buying on the street puts you at risk of receiving a bad batch of marijuana.

Beware and smart with where you are purchasing your weed. Know where your weed bud is coming from and enjoy!

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