How to tell if someone smokes marijuana

Published May 24, 2019 10:45 a.m. ET

Now that smoking recreational weed is legal in Canada and many other regions across the globe, there is a whole new group of people who are out there mingling right now, looking for like-minded individuals to chat it up with. It’s hard to be out there on this brand-new scene, freshly released into a society that once scorned marijuana use as if it was somehow evil and criminally motivated. Even though we know that it’s okay for us to be smoking weed everyday if we so choose to, but the stigma keeps many of us shut off and quiet about our preferred drug of choice.

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get, is how exactly do you tell when someone is stoned or has been smoking? Though this sometimes stems from the less secure crowds like angry spouses, bosses, or teachers who harbor a negative view of cannabis, this information can also be helpful to those who are seeking some new friends that they can truly be themselves around, or are trying to keep an eye out for fellow consumers who might not be so experienced and end up over consuming. Regardless of which angle might have brought you here, we hope you enjoy this list of ten ways to tell if someone smokes weed.

1. Check for visual cues

Impaired coordination, red eyes, dilated pupils, and a lack of ability to concentrate are often the first most noticeable visual cues that someone who smokes weed might present. Though some marijuana strains can fine tune the skill of concentrating while peaking levels of creativity, others will make your couch locked, and no matter which type is used the rest of the most common traits that you could watch for still apply.

2. Smell test

Marijuana use comes with the often-annoying side effect of a lingering scent that seems to attach itself to everything. Though some cannabis smells like a skunk with a pungent aroma, others can be milder and enticing like lemon, orange, grape, cherry, or citrus with a hint of that fresh earthy marijuana plant smell. It takes a trained nose, but once you know the smell of pot, it’s easy to pick up on from a few feet away, especially if they smoke it in an enclosed area or don’t change clothes.

3. Other smoking habits

Cannabis consumers are fast outpacing those who still partake in the tobacco market, and those numbers are expected to keep dropping.  Anyone willing to inhale other smoke like byproducts like cigarettes, or vape juices is 4 times more likely to use marijuana as well, with tobacco users making up to almost 80% of the total cannabis consumers worldwide.

4. Dizziness or a lack of coordination

THC is a euphoric element that comes highly concentrated in cannabis which can cause problems with a normal recreational weed consumer that has taken just a little bit too much. It can confuse, a lack of a sense of direction, dizziness, nausea, and impaired coordination for up to twelve hours after it’s been ingested.

5. Slow reaction time

Though it is definitely worth noting that there are some pretty incredible athlete who has come out about their success, many of which reached the peak of their fame while smoking weed every day, but it is important to recognize this possible side effect as it can be potentially dangerous if you end up in the wrong situation.


6. Memory problems

Smoking marijuana does not have any long-term memory effects, but it will impact your short-term ones which are mainly noticeable when trying to remember names or dates that are relayed while the person in question is high.

7. Snacking habits

Marijuana use and munchies go hand in hand, and this is one of the few stoner stereotypes that seems to be true. If you find your new friend eating his heart out at a strange time in the day, they just might be stoned.

8. Paraphernalia for smoking weed

If you are smoking weed every day, you’re going to need the proper gear to do so. Keep an eye out for cannabis specific paraphernalia, and leavings like bud grind, roaches, empty baggies, rolling papers, a weed pipe, bon, or dab rig would be a good indication of their opinions on smoking marijuana.

9. Positive changes in attitude or perspective after a short absence

If you have a friend, family member, or new acquaintance who will periodically excuse themselves for a few minutes and leave the vicinity. Only to return with a much more giggly or positive outlook on a situation, then chances are they either smoke cigarettes or cannabis and just took a cool down break to toke and chill.

10. Paranoia or anxiety

Even the most experienced who smoke weed every day and have a higher than average tolerance can over-consume or try out a strain that their bodies react to less positively. The same is true for anyone who already suffers from anxiety disorders. Though some marijuana strains can help to alleviate stressful heart racing fits, others can send a person into a spiral of discomfort that tends to create paranoia and anxiety in the user.



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