How to smoke weed using a bong or pipe, the right way

Published Sep 5, 2019 01:08 p.m. ET
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Whether you already enjoying smoking marijuana or is just interested in how these incredible little devices work, you have come to the right place. Most often, it’s the least experienced consumers who end up misled, and afraid to ask the right questions to achieve the best experience with their bong or pipe. Even if you think that you have been using your cannabis and glass as intended together, chances are there are some relatively small steps along the way that you may not have had explained to you.

Cannabis and glass

The relationship between cannabis and glass goes back decades, and it still withstands the tests of time, as proven by the multiple aisles and rows of bongs and weed pipes in every dispensary and head shop around. Though vaping, dabbing and edibles are slowly growing in popularity, the most used method of ingestion is still smoking via bongs or pipes.

That is likely because glass can withstand enormous amounts of heat without becoming weak or melting, and they also hold up well to some of the harsher cleaners that are ‘go-to’ solutions for many cannabis enthusiasts.

Do you know how to use a bong or pipe the right way?

You might be surprised and is laughing at the possibility of doing something wrong for several years. Bongs and pipes can appear to be working fine, but most consumers aren’t getting the whole experience, which can significantly influence the taste, smell and strength of a hit, and not for the better.

Below you will find two little known features that come with different kinds of bongs and weed pipes, and chances are at least 70% of those who are reading this didn’t even know they existed, and if they did, they were not aware of their real purpose.

1. Carbs

These appear to be little more than a small hole, and most of them are places in a natural position to cover with your hand. They are typically found on weed pipes but can also be present on certain types of bongs. Though you might have known to cover the carb, did you know that when you release it, it is just as important?

When you pack a fresh bowl of cannabis, be it in a bong or pipe, the first thing that you are going to do is spark it up. This ignites the herb and converts the THCA and CBDA into the delightful elements that we know and love so much called THC and CBD.

These compounds, along with smoke from the burnt plant materials, travel through the pipe and to your mouth where they are inhaled. The trouble is that no matter how hard you continue to breathe in, there will always be residual smoke that remains stuck in the chamber.

The only way to clear the smoke from a bong entirely is to release the carb just before you are finished taking a hit, which will help to leave the chamber clean and fresh for the next person in line.

2. Removable stems

These accessories are most often found on bongs but can also be features on some types of water pipes. They are incredibly difficult to spot to the untrained consumer, but if you look closely, you will probably see a small handle on the side of the bowl stem; give it a tug, and it will release.

This feature works exactly as the carb, with the only difference being that bongs are larger, very difficult to empty and it’s the type of smoking tool that you will benefit from using it on. Just light the bowl, take a deep bubbly inhale, then gently remove the stem upon finishing the hit. Most don’t have to be completely removed, as the seal around the edge just has to be broken so that the air can flow.

Now that you know how to use pipes and bongs the right way your tokes will seem cooler, fresher and tastier than ever before. Just give it a try, and you will start to see the benefits in no time.


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