How to roll the perfect joint

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:22 p.m. ET

Joint rolling tips

 You have some weed; now how do you smoke it? There are a few things that are required for you to roll the perfect joint.  If you thought all that’s needed is the weed and paper, you’re wrong, there’s a few more things you’ll need.  

A great way to prepare your herb is with a grinder. Make sure that your herb is not ground too fine. The result will be a joint that is hard to pull if you do. Try to use a course grinder; they are much better for joint rolling. Scissors can be used as an alternative to the grinder. Add some decent quality rolling papers and a rolling tray will, and you’re good to go.

How to roll a joint with a filter

We are now ready to roll, but don’t worry rolling weed can be explained in just a few steps. First take your paper and evenly fill it with the herb from the grinder. You may like to use a filter in your joint, if so, now is the time, put it at the end of the paper. You will use about a ½ gram for the average joint. Evenly distributing the herb in the paper prevents a fat belly joint. Now try to pack down cannabis by rolling it back and forth. It should start to look like a joint as you start to roll. Here is the hard part, you need to roll the unglued end upwards to start the actual rolling, lick the end of the paper that has the glue and continue rolling up to meet it and seal the joint.  You are almost there.  Take the joint out of the roller. You need to pack it so that the joint burns evenly. You can use a pen to push the weed down. Another way will be to hold the end of the rolled joint opposite from the filter end, if you choose to use one, and gently flick it back and forth to pack it down evenly. If you want to roll a bigger joint perhaps for sharing, you can use two papers.  The procedure is the same as in one paper.  The difference is attaching the papers together. There are a couple of ways.One is by attaching the papers overlapping each other.  The other is in an L shape.

The joint roller uses the same concept as hand rolling but by using a machine. Be careful not to overload the sling which holds the weed. Now you need to close the roller. Don’t over pack as it will be hard to smoke. Roll the roller around a couple of times. Now you're ready to insert the paper. You will be inserting the paper at the top of the roller. Be careful to make sure the glue part of the paper is at the top and facing you. Now that you have it positioned correctly roll on to the glue part lick and stick.

What are the best grinders?


Let's go over the grinder; it’s crucial in the preparation of your joint.  There are a few to choose from. The Space Case grinder has been around for quite some time. They are lightweight and fit in your hand comfortably and have sharp teeth.  These grinders have an O-ring design which makes it easier for people with arthritis or other hand injuries to handle.  These grinders come in small medium and large. Sharpstone is another type of grinder. It also comes in several sizes. They have magnetic lids and sharp diamond teeth for grinding.

However, you choose to consume your cannabis be it a joint, blunt or even edibles, remember to be responsible. Enjoy!

Blunt vs joint

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What are the best rolling papers?

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