How to roll a Thai stick

Published Feb 22, 2019 02:05 p.m. ET

Welcome to our Thai Stick basics where we will cover everything from what Thai Sticks are to how to roll one for yourself. Thai Sticks hit their peak of popularity in Thailand during the early 1960's and haven't really been used much or spoken about by the general public until recently. While a quick search of the internet will show many websites that claim Thai Sticks are dipped in some other recreational drug, for the most part, that isn’t usually the case. Right now, Thai Sticks are most commonly found in dispensaries across California.

What is a Thai stick?

A Thai Stick (also commonly referred to as a Thai Artisan Cigar or a Thai Cigar Stick) is a type of artisan cannabis cigar that is rolled using high-quality cannabis buds that are bound tightly together by a hemp rope or hemp line. Sometimes a concentrated form of THC is also used to coat the outside of the Thai Stick.

Thai stick weed price

While this tutorial allows for the use of any kind of cannabis traditionally Thai Sticks are rolled using Thai weed which is a specific strain of marijuana that sells for between $10-$15 per gram on average.


How to make a thai cigar stick

Before you proceed with our how to roll a Thai Stick tutorial, you will need to make sure you have a few things on hand. The amount of each material you will need precisely will depend on how large you want the blunt to be, but we recommend beginning with at least 3 grams of dried marijuana.

Materials needed

  • 3 grams of cannabis buds (or more)
  • 1 piece of thin hemp rope or hemp line
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 wooden skewer
  • 1 additional concentrate (optional)

How to roll a Thai stick

  1. Begin by finding a clean flat surface to spread your bud on.
  2. Line a marijuana nugs closely together in a line that resembles the size of blunt you want to end up with.
  3. Take one wooden skewer and lay it beside the line of buds with one end of the skewer being flush with one end of the line of bud.
  4. Measure a long piece of hemp rope or hemp line. In this case more is better than running out part way and not being able to finish your masterpiece. Once it’s cut and ready to use set it aside.
  5. Now pick up the wooden skewer and the first couple of buds. You will need to press them together around the wooden skewer.
  6. Once you feel confident in gripping everything in one hand, then you can pick up the piece of hemp rope or line and wrap it once before tying off the end. If you don’t tie it off than the rope will just come loose while you continue to work.
  7. Once you have wrapped the first couple of buds successfully, it is time to add a few more and continue with the process. You do not want to leave any gaps between the bud, or it won’t burn evenly.
  8. Making it to the end with the first wrap marks the end of the most difficult part. Now you will need to wrap it again going the opposite direction. Try not to overlap the hemp rope too much. The goal is to cover as much green as you can so you will be able to draw through it.
  9. After the second wrap, you can either finish by cutting the remaining rope or if you feel there is enough coverage or wrap it once more. Remember that hemp is completely natural, so if you use a little extra your first try, it won’t hurt anything.
  10. You can skip this step if you do not have any additional concentrate to add to your Thai Stick. If you are adding oil or some other form of concentrate, you can either drip or smear it around the outside of the hemp rope. This will make your Thai Stick much more potent and help it to burn more evenly.
  11. Gently remove the skewer by wiggling it free. This may take a bit of patience as you don’t want to pull apart your freshly made Thai Stick.
  12. Enjoy! Spark it up using matches, a lighter, or a torch just as you would any joint or blunt.


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