How to get a medical marijuana card in Ontario

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:23 p.m. ET

If you want an Ontario medical marijuana card, before anything else, you must meet a few requirements. If your wondering how to apply, really it comes down to authorization from a medical practitioner. Marijuana can assist with many medical ailments. To list a few, Alzheimer’s Disease, Depression, arthritis, eating disorders, epilepsy, and even cancer, as well as many others, hence the reason for obtaining a medical marijuana card.

Let’s investigate one of the ways of meeting some of the government regulated requirements. You may choose a clinic as one of the options  for accessing  a doctor. Some of these clinics may charge membership fees; these clinics do all the mandatory  paperwork for you to obtain your license. Some of these clinics will assist you in getting any reimbursement, such as from the Veterans Affair. You may be lucky in finding a clinic that does not charge for veterans, so do your homework when looking for a clinic, so that you know what you’re walking into.

When you are applying through the clinic, you will be filling out forms that will be submitted to the ACMPR at Health Canada.  Clinics have a list of licensed producers available from which they will assist you in registering on their site. With the use of your medical marijuana card,you will be able to purchase your safe, quality-controlled marijuana. The medical document you will get from the doctor at your appointment will contain, along with your name, the address where you consulted the doctor and your date of birth. The doctor also must submit his name and the province where they are licensed and other administrative information.  They must be able to practice legally within the Canadian borders . Your diagnosis from the doctor of any of your ailments must have occurred within the last 5 years.

Make sure not to forget to provide proper identification.  Your valid driver's license will work for this; you could even accompany it with your passport if it is available.


When you have received your medical marijuana card, you will have the ability to purchase from any registered, licensed producer company of which there are many. Your card will allow you to possess cannabis for medical reasons; these rules differ slightly from the rules of possessing recreational weed. You will also be able to carry on your person up to, but not over 150 grams, or 30 times your daily dose.  Should you choose to carry on your person that much, you must be prepared to show proof of legal possession if requested by local law enforcement, thus your license. Or the conditions under which you are legally able to transport that much cannabis at a time.

Your medical marijuana, when produced by a licensed producer is licensed by the government to be free of toxins and pesticides. Using your card at a licensed producer will assure the levels of THC and CBD in each strain. On the other hand, your local dispensary will not be held as strictly responsible, something to keep in mind. Your card can be used at either location.



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