How to avoid having your marijuana plants or products stolen

Published May 6, 2019 10:23 a.m. ET
Photo Credit David Zalubowski

Now that cannabis use and growing a few plants of your own is entirely legal in Canada, and the rest of the world is slowly following suit, it is essential to understand how to keep these things safe and out of the hands of both minors and thieves. A marijuana plant can easily be worth up to $1000 and is not something you want just to walk away. So even if you do live in a region that allows for outdoor growing, there are a few tips and tricks you may want to consider keeping your cannabis plants and other derivatives as protected as possible. This list will be especially helpful for those who are just learning how to grow weed for the very first time and have never had to shield a crop from harm. Here are five practical ways to do just that on almost any kind of budget.

1. Invest in a locking grow box

There are two different types of locking grow boxes. One is meant for outdoor use, and the second is intended for inside and will often come disguised as some other common household item. An outdoor locking grow box will have a base that can be buried making it impossible for thieves, pests or children to steal your marijuana plants once inside, and they come equipped with an additional greenhouse feature that can also help to boost your overall yield.

2. Use a vault

A combination required fireproof safe is the most recommended option for storing cannabis concentrates, edibles, or dry flower whenever possible. The cost of a top of the line vault that can be securely installed runs around $500, but a smaller and lighter version will work almost as well at a fraction of the cost. Just be sure to keep it hidden, and the code is written down somewhere secure in case you forget it. All fireproof safes will require an expert to open if the combination is lost.

3. Secure and lock your grow tent


Nowadays, a lot of people are investing in massive grow tents that are effective, but also quite noticeable and insecure. Try to keep your grow tent away from prying eyes by placing it far from windows or rooms that you entertain in. This will keep its presence unknown, adding an additional layer of protection. Even the grow tents that are too big to simply walk away with can be opened with little to no effort at all. Choose a hard-framed option that is equipped with a zipper that sports holes for adding a keyed or combination lock to keep your marijuana plant safe.

4. Be discreet and use camouflage when growing outdoors

Discretion will always be your best friend when it comes to keeping your cannabis products or plants from being stolen. Don’t make it a habit to put away your stash or attend your plants in front of untrustworthy company, and if you do decide to grow outside which is the most exposed place humanly possible, then try to select a corner or spot in a veggie garden to disguise your marijuana plants presence. A giant, obvious, or overexposed cannabis plant isn’t likely to last if you have strangers walking by who are looking at it regularly.

5. Research and purchase smaller and bushier weed strains

This one goes hand in hand with maintaining a certain level of discretion when growing marijuana plants. There are thousands of weed strains in existence right now, and many of them can produce some impressive crops while requiring minimal space and growing to a shorter height. These types of marijuana plants can be easily mistaken as a small bush, or entirely missed while hidden amongst a few rows of tomatoes with ease. For your protection, as well as the health and safety of all those around you it is crucial to always maintain some level of security with cannabis plant’s or products. This helps to keep the mind-altering substance out of the hands of youth, away from pets and animals and protects your investment from all outside influences that might either ruin a crop or steal your marijuana plants precious costing time, energy, and money.



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