How smoking cannabis and smoking cigarettes are different

Published Jun 15, 2019 11:28 a.m. ET
Smoking weed vs smoking cigarettes iStock / Terroa

Is it safer to smoke weed every day? People who smoke marijuana may feel that it is safer than smoking cigarette. But both the smoking of cigarettes and smoking weed has harmful effects.

Research shows that marijuana smoking is less dangerous than smoking tobacco. One reason for this is that marijuana for medical and recreational purposes can be consumed by other means such as CBD edibles, tinctures, drops, and vaping oil.

Overall, burning plant matter produces many harmful chemicals, and it does not matter the type of plant, whether marijuana or tobacco. Over seven thousand chemicals are present in tobacco, and about seventy of them are carcinogenic. These chemicals are toxic and can cause cancer, so inhaling it daily can worsen your health daily.

Marijuana smoke contains polycystic aromatic hydrocarbons as well, but the concentration of it is lower since many users inhale and exhale the drug. Contrastingly, the concentration of the chemical is higher in tobacco where the chemical is located at the tip of the cigarette.

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Smoking tobacco is a health risk. Tobacco users are at risk of many diseases such as lung-cancer, heart disease, and strokes. Tobacco kills thousands of people in the United States annually, and it is the main cause of death that is preventable in the United States.

There are conflicting views regarding the risks imposed by marijuana smoking. Studies have been conducted on the risk of marijuana, creating cancerous cells. However, the results are not conclusive. They are mixed in their findings.


A thorough review and analysis of the evidence from the results of a study conducted in 2006 show that the smoking of marijuana can cause changes to the lungs which indicates that it has potential to cause cancer, but there was no significant link between smoking weed and cancer. On the other hand, other studies conducted since then have shown a linkage. Professor of Medicine at Geffen School of Medicine, Donald Tashkin states that marijuana may contain chemicals that kill cells before they become cancerous.

As it relates to the other forms of cancer, the results are similarly mixed. One reason for the difficulty in deriving at a conclusion result is that many smokers of marijuana also smoke cigarettes, so it is difficult to determine the effect both drugs had on the body at the same time. Also, some marijuana smokers who assist with providing g and collecting the information may not give accurate information relating to their use of marijuana.

Regarding other conditions, marijuana is still not good for the lungs because smokers are prone to cough, wheeze, and have inflammation in the air passages.

Tobacco and marijuana are smoked differently. How to smoke marijuana? People who smoke weed usually inhale deeper and hold their breath longer when compared to cigarette smokers. This caused them to be exposed more to the toxin, tar. There are medicinal benefits of smoking marijuana, unlike smoking cigarettes such as relieving pain.

Finally, there are alternative ways to consume marijuana. Consuming marijuana edibles is quite safer than smoking, with no risks to your lungs. Marijuana vaporizer is also safe because it prevents the creation of combustion products. More research into the health effects of marijuana is required.



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