Hemp Wicks 101

Published Jan 25, 2019 03:47 p.m. ET

What is a hemp wick? - A hemp wick is an all-natural wick made using the fibers of a hemp plant as a base. The fibers are wound tightly together creating a raw hemp wick and then coated with a quick dip in beeswax.

Hemp wick Uses
Most people think of hemp wicks as merely a simple way to burn cannabis. What most don’t know is that hemp wick has a lot more uses than just working as a replacement for your lighter.

Rope - The fibers produced by hemp plants make them incredibly strong, making it the perfect material to use as a rope for things like tying down a load in a truck, or used when camping.

Candle Wick- A hemp wick can be used to make candles and will burn longer with absolutely no scent.

Lighter - Lighters are the most widely used device to burn cannabis. So why use a hemp wick instead of smoking? Well, a hemp wick is all natural and requires no harmful smelly liquids of gasses to continue burning. They do need one light from a lighter to start but will save on lighter fluid and hemp a user to inhale fewer chemicals.

Jewelry - A hemp wick can be used to string beads, or a knot to create a strong break resistant necklace, bracelet, or ring.

Where to get hemp wicks

Hemp wicks are sold all over the world and manufactured by many different companies. Because of this, they are widely accessible and carried by most cigar shops, head shops, dispensaries and online. If you are in Canada check out the links listed below for a few different online options.

Zerodis 200 Feet Of Hemp Wick- $14

RAW Hemp Wick 13 Feet- $15

Canadian Hemp Wick 100 feet- $24.99

How to use a hemp wick to smoke weed

In a Bowl - Hemp Wick will generally come by the roll and need to be cut according to size. The beeswax makes the wick pliable. You will need to cut a piece wide enough to be pressed against the bottom of the bowl with enough sticking out to light. The dried herb should be packed after lining the bowl with a wick. Once you are ready to smoke light it once with any traditional lighter and get ready to inhale, the burn will be slow and continuous allowing you to keep smoking until it’s gone without any further need for a heating element.


In A Joint - Use a hemp wick to keep a joint rolling by lining a rolling paper with a piece that sticks just a small amount out of the end you will light before adding dried marijuana and rolling. Once rolled just like with a bowl a hemp wick can be sparked using a lighter and will burn if your joint does. A wick can help those who have issues with joints burning unevenly by canoeing down one side.

How to make hemp wicks

Making your own hemp wicks at home can be easy with just a few essential ingredients.


  • Small pot
  • Hemp string
  • 1 pencil
  • Beeswax
  • Water

Step 1 - Using 3 pieces of hemp string and braid them together. Now set aside while you prepare your wax.

Step 2 - Fill a small pot with three to four inches of water and bring it to a rolling boil.

Step 3 - Lower heat until you reach a consistent bubbling that you aren’t concerned will boil over.

Step 4 - Put a small amount of beeswax into the pot and allow enough time to melt. Approximate five minutes.

Step 5 - Dip the braided hemp string into the pot slowly. You want to fully immerse it before carefully pulling it back out.

Step 6 - Hang hemp string to dry and set for at least two hours before cutting.

Why use hemp wick instead of smoking?

Besides all the practical reasons listed above, the environmental impact of any product you’re buying has become a prominent topic of discussion as of late. Once grown and cultivated hemp plants are known to benefit air quality everywhere. The plant’s usefulness goes above and beyond by providing more sustainable materials that can be used in the production of hemp fiber products with a versatility currently unmatched by any other widely used material like metals, glass or plastic.



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