Different types of weed scales available in Canada

Published Jan 29, 2019 01:55 p.m. ET

 Scales come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are used in a vast number of different applications. Scales are designed with varying weight capabilities and the potential user's specific needs in mind. While there is a ton of cool weed scales on the market, when searching for good scales for weed you will need to first consider your own needs and budget before deciding where to begin. Not all scales are meant for an individual to use in the comfort of their own home, with many being created specifically for high production growers and vendors. There are currently four different kinds of weighing scales to choose from with each one designed for a specific level of use.

Domestic weed scales

Domestic scales are usually found in kitchens or bathrooms in the homes of customers. This includes kitchen scales and any small platform scales including those with containers to hold the weed you are weighing. They can be beneficial but tend to lack the accuracy required for those weighing small amounts of dried herb. Domestic weed scales are rarely used in measuring dried marijuana because they are large and bulky but functionally are capable and reliable in their readings.

Commercial weed scales

Commercial scales are larger and tend to be used for measuring significantly large quantities of items like jewelry, and precious metals. Commercial weed scales are generally only used by the largest pot manufacturers and dispensaries and are not necessary for the average grower or buyer.

Industrial weed scales


Are meant to measure industrial-sized quantities of product and are made large enough to be installed permanently in truck beds like a pallet scale. These scales can weigh between 150 g and 200 lbs. Industrial scales tend not to be accurate and are used more to ensure the product isn’t going missing in transport, so a little discretion in overall accuracy is allowable. Industrial weed scales are rarely available to the public and inefficient for most smokers needs.

Precision weed scales

This category is almost always digital weed scales as they offer the highest accuracy. Precision scales would include a pocket scale, a mini weed scale and any other compact scale with a digital reader. Precision scales can measure accurately down to 0.001 gram and is often used for weighing herbs or liquids for cooking.

When shopping for the best pocket scale, it likely isn’t in your best interest to choose one of many cheap marijuana scales. This is because their dependability and correct reading are not the most accurate which could lead to you being unaware of how much weed you have. The best weed scale will be one with a digital reader that can measure in increments of 0.001 gram, is compact, easy to calibrate, and comes backed with a warranty just in case. If you still aren’t sure which one to choose, there is nothing more reliable than personal customer reviews made by folks just like you who have already experienced a little and can give real feedback on the pros and cons for each brand or type.



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