How to roll four different kinds of blunts

Published Mar 4, 2019 11:33 a.m. ET

1. White Owl Blunt- White owls have been around for ages, and they are often considered to be one of the best tasting blunt wraps. They also offer the added benefit of an easy to empty cartridge to empty and fill with your choice of cannabis. The reason they are the most popular is the vast array of different flavors they come in making the experience something you can personalize to suit your taste. To make a white owl blunt, you will need to purchase a pack of white owl cigars. Select one and make a slice along the seams as straight as possible. Empty the contents, remove the filter, and use the paper to roll a blunt twisting the ends to keep it all together when finished.  

2. Entourage Blunt- Entourage blunt wraps are the most convenient and one of the easiest to use for beginners. They are easier to bend and manipulate than most cigars wrappers and contain a high level of nicotine that amplifies the effects of the cannabis smoked in it. Entourage blunt wraps come in more mature flavors like wine, brandy, and whiskey but they can be a bit tricky to roll with. To make an entourage blunt, you will need to purchase a pack of entourage cigars. Choose one and look for the edges of the wrap. An entourage blunt wrap must be unraveled rather than sliced or ripped. Once it is completely unrolled, remove the tobacco in the center. Fill it with marijuana and roll it into a joint. The paper will be stiff so work slowly. To stick the paper a firm roll alongside a lick of the edges should be enough to keep it in place.

3. Dutch Blunt Papers- Although they do come in some flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and raspberry. Dutch blunt papers are considered to be the standard as far as plain blunt wraps go. They offer some of the slowest burnings of any other cigar wraps for weed and are relatively flexible making them suitable for beginner and moderate level rollers. Dutch cigarillo weed is also quite popular. That is where some of the tobacco removed is mixed with dried cannabis before it is rerolled into a blunt. To roll using dutch blunt papers you can use any rolling technique. You can slice it open and empty and fill the contents, and you can choose to remove the filter or enjoy it’s added benefits. These blunt papers can also be unraveledwith a little patience, so the choice is yours.

4. Swisher Sweets Blunt - Most famous for their mind-blowing collection of hundreds of flavors including everything from more traditional mint, chocolate, and cherry to cotton candy, Philly cheese steak, and ketchup chips. If you’re looking for a unique experience, then there is no better place to start. To roll a blunt using a Swisher Sweets Blunt Wrap you must first purchase some swisher sweets cigars. Make sure to check their various burning options available as most flavors will come in a regular burning and slow burning option. You can then remove the tobacco and replace it with weed by unwrapping just enough of the outer leaf that the tobacco can be removed. Once repacked a tight roll with a small bit of moisture should work better than any glue.


How to roll a slow burning blunt

Using cigar wraps for weed can take a bit of experimenting with to get used to. The slowest burning options will always involve the least degrading of the blunt wrap. So blunt papers that can be slightly unraveled will always burn the slowest. The more the cigar wraps for weed are handled, the more the structural integrity breaks down which will work against you. Another option to consider would be a light mist of moisture over a finished blunt. You don’t want to soak it, but a small amount of water can help to control the rate your blunt will burn.



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