Cannabis industry careers

Published Feb 12, 2019 11:03 a.m. ET
Marijuana is now legal in Canada and with it comes a booming new industry.

On October 17, 2018 the cannabis industry employment market began blooming. Job openings for positions in the cannabis industry have tripled by some standards. Dispensary jobs are among the positions available but there are a multitude of others that you might not have thought of.

Cannabis jobs are available for just about all types of workers, tradespeople and professional. The industry is moving at a fast pace, and job opportunities are doing the same. All areas of the industry are involved such as:

Edible products: Creating edibles is a fast-growing part of the cannabis industry. This part of the industry can be difficult and competitive. The range of infused edible product is expanding daily. From infused drinks to popcorn and baked goods the product list is growing. The regulatory guidelines are stiff.

Production: The Concentrates Processor is part of the production of cannabis products. This position is for the highly-skilled individual; potentially this job could be dangerous. Concentrates are becoming more popular, and the demand for this position is expanding to keep up with the demand. A background in chemistry would be helpful for this cannabis job

Products: As long as there are cannabis users the glass industry will be needed. The marijuana plant has provided jobs for unlikely careers. The cannabis users enjoy cannabis with the use of glass bongs and pipes. Handheld vaporizers are becoming a hot item on the sales market

Delivery: Medical marijuana has been utilizing this part of the market for years. The medical marijuana user has provided cannabis jobs for delivery people in order to get their medicine. With the legalization of marijuana in Canada, the expectation is that the delivery business will skyrocket. If you use a bike or another means of delivery, couriers are also part of the budding business.


Security: This element of the industry was paramount in the concern that retail shop owners express. From visible security to the behind scene electronic security, these are job opportunities that are growing. Cannabis dispensary jobs within security entail hiring of security guards to check ID and assist with the transportation of money and product in dispensaries.

Product Reviewers: Dream position for some and the need is growing. More websites are reviewing cannabis on their sites. The reviews of cannabis strains are beneficial for the medical cannabis user and the identification of the types of cannabis that is available to assist them in their prescription choices. For the recreational cannabis user’s information from the product, the review can be enlightening, especially if they have previously chosen to purchase without prior knowledge of the effects and makeup of the strain. Or having tasted the product previously.

Trimmer: This is the person whose art is making the final product, the bud look wonderful and perfect for the consumer to purchase. Trimming is a tedious job, but for those that like that enjoy making the marijuana plant look presentable for end sale, this is your position

So, if you are looking for a new career, perhaps you are looking for cannabis jobs. The industry is waiting for you it is young, your first step could be as easy as typing “dispensary jobs near me” within a search bar and then you might just find what you need. As I mentioned this is a budding industry, one that should be kept in mind when looking for employment.



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