Are there any companies that allow cannabis use?

Published Jun 24, 2019 01:34 p.m. ET
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In this day and age, we are seeing companies turn a blind eye to employees smoking marijuana on their own time. Companies are slowly dropping the zero-tolerance that was once part of the policy on hiring.

Telsa has a hiring policy of pre-employment drug testing when hiring for safety-sensitive positions; however, the testing does not include marijuana in places that the drug is legal.

Goodwill Industries has a don’t ask don’t tell policy for their employees. After decades of drug testing, Goodwill stopped the screening of employees in retail jobs at their 85 stores.

Target is also a selective drug testing company. The company tests those in positions of security and warehouse machinery operators.

Kroger a parent company for grocery store Ralphs, and FoodsCodoes screen for drugs but claims that is only for about a fifth of the employees, and that includes managers, and pharmacy workers.

There are a few careers that are suited for the habitual smoker or user or cannabis, finding a company that incorporates this will be the perfect job for some.

Musician: smoking marijuana is an acceptable part of this career. The use of cannabis is known to invoke creativity, which is conducive to musicians writing their music.

Writer: find a company or become your own company and write novels. It is doubtful that the magazine or publishing house you are working for will care if you are smoking marijuana. The creative juices may flow more freely when you are partaking the herb.

Computer programmer: often a position in this field is working for your own web design company, or perhaps as a subcontractor. Typically, tech companies do not drug test the employees, and if you own the design company, you have no problem smoking marijuana. There is no worry for operating heavy equipment although caution does need to be monitored and common sense used.


Entrepreneur: owning your own company means you can make the rules around smoking marijuana or using it in any other form.

Real Estate Agent: working alone and with flexible hours presents a perfect job opportunity for not worrying about using marijuana on the job.

Fashion Industry: this industry is enjoying embracing the use of weed. The love affair with weed in this industry stems from using the herb for entertainment to weed-themed clothing. Many popular cultural icons are leading the way with cannabis use in this industry

Cannabis dispensary employees: working for any cannabis dispensaries, whichever company it often offers the employee samples of their product to rate. The educated Budtender is the best job for a smoker who is working in the customer service industry.

How to sober up from weed

If you work for a company that looks on cannabis no differently than tobacco, or alcohol use and have perhaps needed to know how to sober up from weed before heading to work, here are a few quick tricks that will keep you employed:

  1. Take a shower and enjoy a long walk outside this can help you to relax and release endorphins located in your brain that will make the digesting of THC occur faster
  2. CBD oil can help you to sober up from overindulging in cannabis
  3. Drinking lemonade made fresh and including a bit of the peel will help to have you feeling better in no time. The lemons contain limonene used as an ante-dote for cannabis
  4. Wait it out, and the effects of smoking marijuana will cease, and you will become sober

Remember if you work for a company or yourself, use marijuana safely and responsibly and enjoy!



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