All you need to know about hash

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:21 p.m. ET

What is hash

 When trichomes are separated from the cannabis plant, we have hash.  The leaves that you trim from your marijuana plant are covered with trichomes. Inside these trichomes are the cannabinoids and terpenes. This is what you can use to make your heat-treated pressed hash or even your edibles. Some like to call the trichomes “kief” which is the crystal formation on the end of the trichomes which appear as hair like glands under the microscope. Hope you bought the right grinder, the one to save your kief because Kief collects at the bottom of a grinder.

The origin of hash

Hashish the word originates from the Arabic word loosely translated as grass. A.D. 900 is the date presumed as the date for the introduction of hashish.  It was in the turn of the 19th century that saw hash make its way to the western world. Some ardent researchers will argue the point that it was even before then, who knows for sure.

Traditionally hash was consumed orally. It may be infused into a traditional Indian drink named baking. It can also be used in edibles.

How to Smoke Hash

Hash can accompany the cannabis flower or can be smoked on its own as in the same manner of rolling a marijuana joint. Some hash can melt; this is vaporizing or as some call it dabbing, another method of smoking.

What is hash oil

Hash oil is the oil extracted from cannabis. Hash that can melt can become hash oil. It has many other names, like dabs, weed oil, or even “honey,” it’s street name. Hash oil usually has a wax-like consistency, that does look a bit like real honey. Hash oil is stronger and potentially even more dangerous than other methods of getting high, as it’s THC level is much higher.

Hash vs weed

Hash is a more concentrated form of the smoking herb. Hash contains higher levels of THC. Weed comprises plant material which typically is less potent than hash. To look at the levels of THC and its potency, we will generally say that marijuana has a potency of 10 – 20 percent. The THC in hash can reach a maximum of around 60 percent, a much higher level.


How to make hash

Let's talk about some of the ways of extracting those beautiful trichomes and making the hash.

Pollen press method

One method worth mentioning is the pollen press method. Simply put Kief on a flat surface, like a counter or cutting board and then apply the pollen press. The pressure from this tool will turn the kief into wonderful compressed hash.

If you have a silkscreen with small perforations on it, you can use the dry sifting or flat screening method. Keep your perforations small; this will produce purer hash. An easy way to assist with the separation of the trichomes from the plant is a to keep the herb in a freezer for a couple of hours before using. You will need a clean flat surface, put your screen on it and your weed on top of the screen. While gently rubbing the plant over the screen you will notice the trichomes falling on the flat surface below. Try for about 10% of the total weight of your trim.

Blender method

Another option is the blender method.  Most of us will have this equipment at our house. You will need to purchase a silk screen.  Into the blender will go the water, ice and the trim making sure to cover the trim with the water. Turn your blender on for about a minute. This is when you need your silkscreen. Pour the water into a glass jar, using the silkscreen as a filter. Wait for 3 or 5 minutes. The trichomes will settle on the bottom of the jar just like you want them to. You are going to be replacing the water with ice water. Try to remove about ¾ of water. Do this step 4 to 5 times; Now we use a coffee filter, this will separate the trichomes from the water.  Give the filter a good squeeze, let the kief dry and voilayou have the final product!

Using a mechanical drum

The last method I will mention is for those with a little extra cash. The mechanical drum saves you time and energy. Done similar to the dry sifting method but only with a machine. The machine will shake the container holding the weed, thereby releasing all of the trichomes.  Freezing the cannabis for about 3 hrs before this will give you the best results for this method. This method is only for extracting your kief; you will still have to press it to turn it into hash afterward.

However, you choose to consume your cannabis be it hash or flowers perhaps even edibles, remember to be responsible. Enjoy!



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