A beginners guide to weed slang and terminology for 2018

Published Jan 29, 2019 03:10 p.m. ET

Ever hear an odd cannabis term and wonder to yourself what in the heck was that? If so, you are not alone. While pot slang and terminology hasn’t been properly updated in years, it hasn’t changed much and is relatively easy to document. While there are so many weed terms out there, it would be impossible to put them all into one article. Here we have compiled a list of some of the most basic weed terminology to help you understand some of the lingoes that could be thrown your way beginning with measurements and ending with some of the most popular weed related terms.


0.5 Grams - Nickel bag of weed

Beginning with the lowest amount of weed you can buy; a nickel bag of marijuana contains half of one gram of bud.

How Much Is A Nick of Weed? Average $5

A Gram - Dime bag of weed- A Sawbuck- A G of Weed

The second lowest amount of weed that can be purchased on one gram or a dime bag of weed, which contains one gram of dried herb.

How Much Is A Dime of Weed? Average $10

A dub of weed

One dub of weed is the equivalent of $20 in dried herb which can mean either two grams or whatever portion of a quarter they will sell for $20

An eighth - Half A Q of weed

Weighing in at one-eighth of one ounce or 3.5 grams of marijuana.

How Much Is an Eighth of Weed? Average $25-$55

A quarter- A Q of weed

One quarter or one Q is one quarter of one ounce and seven grams of dried cannabis.

How Much Is A Quarter of Weed? Average $50-$70

An ounce - An O of weed

One ounce is 28 grams or four quarters.

How Much Is One Ounce of Weed? Average $150-$300

A pound of weed

One pound of weed weighs 16 ounces or 448 grams.


How Much Is One Pound of Weed? Averages vary significantly in this range and are an average $750-$2500 per pound.

Other popular weed slang terms

Doobie- Refers to cannabis and tobacco mixed into a white paper to be smoked.

Reefer- Spanish and derived from Mexican slang to refer to someone under the influence of marijuana.

Spliff- Refers to a cannabis cigarette which is some dried herb rolled into a white paper.

Blunt- A blunt is rolled by emptying the contents of a cigar and rolling it with dried cannabis to smoke.

Grass- Refers to marijuana in dried or growing form.

Agitation- Breaking and harvesting trichomes with physical force, removing them from marijuana buds.

BHO - Butane hash oil that has been made using butane as the solvent in the extraction process.

Shatter- A concentrate made by extracting THC from marijuana and reducing it to a breakable hard, glass-like consistency.

Bong- A tools used to smoke dried herb that has a water chamber that acts as a filter. Generally made from glass or plastic.

Hand pipe- A pipe is a device used to smoke cannabis that fits right in the palm of your hand. It has only one chamber and is usually made of glass, metal, ceramic, wood, or plastic.

Dab rig- A dab rig is used to dab marijuana concentrates. Dabbing requires an ultra-heated pin or nail that is pressed into the concentrate to vaporize it. Dab rigs are generally made of glass and contain at least four separate chambers.

Bubbler- A bubbler is smaller than most bongs but functions off the same essential elements as a bong combined with a pipe and always has a water chamber.  

Vaporizer- A vaporizer can be for either juice, concentrate, or dried herb. The majority are not compatible with all of them without buying additional pieces. A vaporizer uses a heavy-duty heated coil to make contact and vaporize the THC product within it.

Bowl- Refers to the portion of any smoking device that is filled with dried marijuana to burn.

Bud- The harvested buds from a cannabis plant are the part of the plant that is packaged and sold to dry marijuana consumers.

Budder- Cannabis concentrate resembling dough. Similar to a wax concentrate but much softer.

Wax- A concentrate made by extracting THC using a solvent such as alcohol resulting in a thick waxy substance that is smokable.



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