5 Fantastic cannabis products for microdosing

Published Jun 4, 2019 10:49 a.m. ET
Credit: rez-art

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, there are a lot of people who are trying to figure out how to incorporate marijuana use into their lives. Whether the reason is medical, recreational, or merely a preference, the best way to use weed on a regular basis is through micro-dosing.

What is microdosing weed?

Microdosing marijuana means to consume minimal amounts consistently over an extended period of time to maintain a particular effect while avoiding the potential for overconsumption.

The benefits of microdosing marijuana

Though microdosing is a relatively new trend with very little scientific evidence to back the longer-term effects, the benefits of microdosing cannabis are broad and vary significantly from one person to the next.

  • Lower risk of overconsumption, if you are spacing out the microdoses.
  • Easy to achieve consistent relief from medical symptoms such as anxiety, pain, or depression.
  • When performed correctly, microdosing can administer all the benefits of cannabinoids while you avoid the euphoric sensations that are so often associated with cannabis.
  • Microdoses can be taken in more significant amounts to personalize the dose according to specific symptoms in the moment which allows for immediate relief, and a lighter dose on days where less medical marijuana is needed.
  • Microdosing is perfect for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

5 Cannabis products that are perfect for microdosing

These five hemp and marijuana products are ideal for those who are seeking effective methods to microdose with cannabinoids.


1. Cannabis infused candies
Whether you might prefer CBD candy or the THC infused variety, cannabis candies come in all shapes and forms including lollipops, weed gummies, chocolates of every kind, and so much more. This is an especially great idea for Canadians who are not yet able to purchase legal marijuana edibles since they can be made with little to no experience and are reasonably easy to master.

2. Hemp or marijuana tinctures
Hemp and cannabis tinctures are made using alcohol as a base of extraction, and they can be made in a variety of strengths to suit any kind of need. They are also incredibly easy to self-administer while keeping track of your cannabinoid dosing. Whether you prefer the non-psychoactive benefits of CBD or the euphoric sensations of THC, this is a fantastic way to experiment with and master microdosing with cannabinoids.

3. Vaping
If you are new to microdosing or are looking for a consistent way to measure your cannabinoid intake, then you might want to consider investing in a vape pen. Whether you choose the concentrate option that allows for products like CBD wax and distillate, or the cannabis-infused vape juice for the massive and smooth to inhale vapor clouds. Both are incredibly effective, but the liquids come with the added benefit of choosing your fluids cannabinoid concentration, which takes all the guesswork out of microdosing. If you are only using it occasionally, this is an excellent way to microdose weed almost anywhere.

4. Capsules
Capsules are typically filled with a premeasured marijuana concentrate or distillate that is taste and scent free. Not only are they easy to take when you find yourself trapped in a non-smoking place, but they come in so many different levels of strength and purity that it’s impossible not to view this as an appealing microdosing option, particularly for non-smokers.

5. Dabbing
Dabbing is one method of smoking marijuana concentrates, and it’s also an incredibly effective way to microdose with cannabinoids. A dab rig works on the same principles as any other smoking device, with the most significant difference being that it is believed to be slightly healthier and is impossible to do with large doses. A small amount of almost any cannabis concentrate can be placed onto a heated nail, which will instantly vaporize the contents and deliver them into one hit. This method of microdosing is most recommended for more experienced pot consumers who have a higher tolerance to cannabinoids from an extensive history of marijuana use.



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