10 Common mistakes that are often made by cannabis users

Published Oct 3, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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We often talk about the mistakes and misfortunes of brand new cannabis consumers in hopes of saving some poor souls the hassle of learning about the do’s and don’ts of the plant the hard way, but no matter how hard we try, there are some problems that continue to plague all stoners of every level of experience. That’s right! Even the most seasoned users are prone to making these ten common mistakes with cannabis.

1. Holding in a hit

If you use all of the biggest stoner movies as an example to learn from, then you probably think that it’s a good idea to hold in a hit as long as possible, but the truth is that all you’re really doing is causing unnecessary wear and tear on your lungs. Within seconds of the cannabis smoke entering your lungs, the cannabinoids like THC are absorbed through small gas pockets that line the cavity, so all you need to do is inhale and then exhale quickly to get all of the benefits and to reduce the amount that you cough.

2. Increasing intake too fast

One of the most common mistakes that all cannabis users make is using far too much of it and not realizing it until it’s too late to do much about it other than wait out the storm. You may be comfortable with smoking a joint or two on your own, but stoner circles can pass around so many that you’ll find yourself passed out in a stupor or even a confusing nightmare if you don’t have the tolerance to withstand the intense adverse effects.

3. Avoiding unknown strains

Cannabis culture if full of all different kinds of stereotypes, but some of the most common is actually quite damaging to consumers, as they make them feel like there is only a handful of society approved strains that will work. One example of this is Indica vs. Sativa, as the former is believed to be sedating, and the latter is assumed to energize, but the truth is that both can offer the exact effects. Another is that if a strain isn’t known, it can’t be trusted, but some of the rarest and least talked about types of weed can provide the most unique and enjoyable experiences.

4. Improperly storing cannabis products

We’ve all been there, where we’ve packed away a joint only to find it broken or ripped upon arriving at our destination, or stuffed and knocked about a bag of buds that very quickly turned into a big pile of cannabis dust. It’s annoying, especially when you’ve got prized buds to show off, and it can reduce the quality of the bud faster by exposing it to the elements, and that’s why every stoner needs a proper storage container that blocks out damaging UV rays, keeps out moisture, and cushions the buds from damage in transport.

5. Not using a grinder

So many cannabis users will fawn over the results of a good weed grinder, and yet still refuse to invest in one that will do the job. Sure, you can use scissors and work away at the nugs, or get creative and make your own grinder using things you have around the house, but nothing will produce the perfect and even grind that a grinder will, and the difference is noticeable when you smoke it. With a grinder, joints no longer canoe, and bowls will keep on burning without having to be relit after each hit, making the small cost one that’s more than worth it.

6. Paying too much


Just about every cannabis user starts out buying their products from a dealer of some sort, be it on the black market, from a friend, or through a legal dispensary. It starts out with you only needing a joint once a month, and then before you know it, you want something almost daily to calm your nerves, and that all adds up when you’re paying high prices for regulated and taxed products, leaving most consumers paying way too much. This amount can be reduced by using bulk pricing, and growing your own, because every dollar saved is a dollar gained, and there is no reason to make your hard-earned cash go up in smoke.

7. Getting too comfortable with the same old things

The majority of cannabis users start out with one particular method of consumption and stick with it over the years through thick and thin. It makes sense to gain confidence once you realize that something works, but this false sense of security can also keep you from venturing out into the great unknown. If you’re a smoker, take a leap and try some edibles, and if you’re a microdoser, let loose and try a dab or something else new, because you’ll never know what you’re missing until you do.

8. Delving into edibles without understanding the difference in effects

One of the biggest and most common mistakes made by cannabis enthusiasts is the dabbling in more exotic pot products without a basic understanding of the difference between the experiences that each one has to offer. This misstep is the most common reason for reported adverse effects, as edibles and other oral cannabis goods tend to come with much more potent sensations that last far longer than with pure flower alone. The sudden mistake can be overwhelming, confusing, and unenjoyable, and it’s one that that far too many pot lovers make.

9. Building a tolerance that is difficult to reverse

It always starts simple with a few puffs here or some edibles there, but before you know it, it doesn’t take long to build up a tolerance to cannabinoids if you use cannabis on any kind of a regular basis. Once you’re smoking morning, noon, and night, it can be more challenging and in some extreme cases, almost impossible to consume enough to feel the same effects that you once did. To avoid this common mistake, it’s always best to make sure that you take tolerance breaks.

10. Assuming that cannabis can fix anything

One of the most common mistakes that anyone who appreciates cannabis makes is assuming that you can use it to fix almost anything. Though it is true that cannabinoids can be incredibly helpful for treating a variety of different medical conditions, it is still important to follow the advice of a medical professional. In some cases, cannabis might erase the problem on its own, and in others, it may work best in conjunction with prescribed treatments. One person’s claim of success doesn’t guarantee your own results, so never assume that you can always avoid more conventional treatments just because you have cannabis.

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