Great cannabis sales software providers in Canada

Published Apr 27, 2023 10:00 a.m. ET
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With more countries legalizing cannabis the industry is growing at an incredible pace,  prompting many existing businesses to look for new ways to more effectively manage day-to-day operations. In hopes of getting an edge over the competition, cutting down on unnecessary staff, and increasing revenue, the majority are turning to cannabis sales software programs for help.

Sales software programs are great management tools and some are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of companies that are operating within the cannabis space. With a focus on integral aspects of running a business in cannabis such as compliance, and product tracking, cannabis sales this software offers numerous benefits.

These programs simplify the process of tracking inventory and monitoring product performance, making it easy to identify a company's hottest-selling offerings. Cannabis sales software also helps cannabis retailers to organize important sales and customer data such as ordering history, purchasing behaviors, and preferred products. Lastly, this software works to ensure companies are operating in a compliant manner by tracking the movement of inventory, and delivering reports to regulatory authorities.

Now that cannabis sales software has become such a popular commodity, numerous providers are offering solutions for companies in the Canadian market, but they aren’t all created equally. Some are much more efficient, easy to understand, and intuitive than others, and it can be challenging to figure out which one may be the best fit for your business.

Based on a survey of leading Canadian companies operating in this space we created this list of four of the best cannabis sales software providers out there.

Greenline POS

Greenline POS has a well-established reputation since it’s been around since the very beginning of legalization in Canada, and this company delivers comprehensive software solutions ideal for all types of cannabis businesses from producers to retailers. With real-time reporting, retailers are able to make informed solutions based on what’s happening right now a far more efficient option than looking at past data and attempting to make accurate predictions. It also seamlessly integrates with payment processors as well as other systems, ensuring a smooth transition away from other providers. Managing inventory, sales and customers is always a breeze with help from Greenline POS.

Ample Organics

When it comes to leading cannabis sales software providers Ample Organics is one of the most popular, and after looking at everything the company offers it’s not hard to see why. With cloud-based software designed to help cannabis businesses both big and small, flawless integration with leading processing systems and accounts, and every tool you can imagine from inventory tracking, and sales management to regulatory compliance assistance, this software is sure to help ensure operations run more smoothly and effectively.

Cova POS

If you’re looking for point-of-sale software that is both cannabis specific and all in one, to make it easier to control cannabis retail companies, then Cova POS may be the answer. This company delivers sales software most notable for its unique intuitive interface, which simplifies everything, making it simpler to understand even for the least tech-savvy management teams. Featuring inventory, sales, and customer tracking, an age verification system, full integration with popular payment processors, and an offline mode that will keep on working even when the internet goes down, it’s one of the most reliable software providers in all of Canada.

MJ Freeway

Last but not least is MJ Freeway, a leading all-in-one software solution provider with a reach that goes beyond Canadian borders and a focus on delivering regional-specific programs to suit the needs of all cannabis companies from retailers to those offering related services. With tools for sales management, inventory tracking, and automatic reporting of cannabis product movement to regulators, compliance is no longer a stressful or difficult thing to maintain. This software is also available for any type of device, from desktops computers to tablets and even smartphones and it connects with almost any payment system instantly giving cannabis companies room to make changes based on performance rather than being stuck with a payment system that isn’t functioning well out of necessity.

All of these cannabis sales software providers offer a variety of benefits to cannabis businesses, making it easier to keep track of inventory and stay on top of regulatory compliance requirements all while streamlining sales in the most effective way possible. Canadian cannabis retailers have unique needs, all of which are met by the providers highlighted in this article. So if you’re company is in Canada and looking to improve operations, it might be time to consider what these experts have to offer.

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