Social media giant Twitter is finally allowing cannabis ads

Published Feb 18, 2023 10:00 a.m. ET
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Most mainstream advertising channels including social media platforms have hesitated to accommodate the legal cannabis industry, mainly due to the stigma that surrounds the plant and fear of other advertisers not wanting to be displayed alongside cannabis ads. Some have also taken a cautionary stance based on federal laws in the United States where cannabis is only legal in select states.

Twitter is leading the way in a historical move to accept cannabis advertisements, as long as they’re pre-authorized by the social media company, and meet a list of strict requirements.

Elon Musk the owner of Twitter has received ample attention from the media after making numerous 420 friendly tweets including one where he puffed away on a joint during his appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, so it’s not exactly surprising to see that he’s turning the online social platform  into something a touch more cannabis-friendly.

New restrictions

On Tuesday, February 14th Twitter officially announced the change in its policy to allow American cannabis companies to advertise, but there are expected to be many restrictions, and it’s still unclear what they might be as the agency works to figure out how to accommodate these industry players without breaking its own rules.

However, a few have already been decided.

Twitter’s new cannabis ad restrictions are as follows

  • Advertisers must be legally licensed to sell cannabis products
  • Cannabis company's ads on Twitter will be limited to the area in which they are legally licensed to operate
  • Cannabis ads must not be aimed at users under 21 years of age
  • Advertisers are legally responsible for abiding by their local laws and regulations
  • Cannabis ads must not appeal to minors
  • Advertisements may not include health claims
  • Advertisers must not use images of cannabis use

Enticing cannabis companies

Twitter is doing a lot more than merely accepting cannabis ads, as it’s now actively courting the industry with a host of perks that aren’t available anywhere else.

Most online platforms require a minimum purchase of $5000 or more in ads just to get started, while Twitter requires no minimum investment from cannabis companies. It’s also promised to match every dollar of advertising, so for every $50 spent advertisers will receive a campaign valued at $100, a deal that will continue to be offered until the end of March.

Uncertain timelines

Though the change has already taken place, it may be a while yet before visitors begin to see cannabis advertisements, as it remains unclear how long it will take for companies to make it through the platform's validation process. Twitter has yet to provide a statement but other advertisers are concerned about how the advertising platform is going to validate the licenses of applicants. Still, even with a slightly bumpy road ahead, cannabis companies and the industry as a whole are celebrating this small victory which may help many that are currently struggling to stand out and stay afloat.

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