Palm Tree CBD

Palm Tree CBD Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Made me feel relaxed and calm. Good for my anxiety. Didn't feel too high and felt like I could still go about my day to day activities. I would recommend for daytime use.
Very good

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Very good

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Beautiful buds and great smell, but on various occasions left me very paranoid, which is strange considering it's a CBD and is marketed as a strain that's meant to make you feel calm and clear-headed. I rarely get paranoid from any type of bud so this was pretty unique and surprising.
Very good

I liked this strain a lot. This strain helped me chill out (I didn’t have any paranoia at all - mind you I was just at home), still my mind and took away any anxiety that I had. I found that I was much more patient and calm with my toddler and I was more in-the-moment and engaged... All of the daily mental chatter I normally experience was gone. I felt a bit physically heavy at first, but that went away rather quickly and t...