Northern Berry

Northern Berry Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Smells good looks nice very dense buds amazing smell
Very good

Best tasting strain I've had yet! Very smooth, clean high for an indica.
Very good

Powerful indica - immediately mellows you out and relaxes body and mind (though body more for me). Didn't improve depression really for me but did ease my anxiety. Hunger creeps up on you, then bam - tired dry eyes ready to sleep, and a lil dizziness and slight headache too. Even though I was very chill, I got majorly engrossed in researching holiday hotel packages and looking at the pictures lol so still focused creatively ...
Very good

💚 love Northern Berry. Wonderful way to relax and wined down from a long day.
Very good

They told me this would be close to my favored Blackberry Kush and so I took it. Didn't even read the blurb or reviews... got in the back seat and took a drag on the 'smoky pen'. Once my friend started driving I started investigating and was reading the effects and saw Giggly which in turn made me bust out laughing and my friend and his wife start laughing. Getting stoned with the Godparents is neat! But seriously, I've go...
Very good

love love love this strain. the smell of it is amazing very well taken care of buds that I got and the high was OMG amazing.
Very good

Taste like Northern Blue! step up! got the look of North but the taste of berrys! More of a daytime high!
Very good

i struggle with insomnia but this strain puts me to sleep within minutes. the pine like earthy taste is a nice bonus.
Very good

I just tried this for the first time a day ago. I was looking for something that would help me relax, deal with pain, and fall asleep. This Indica has really delivered. I was able to find this beauty in Sumpter, Oregon. It's a very, very small town in the mountains, but has excellent service and this wonderful indica.
Very good

Excellent relaxation and pain relief. This is a go to strain for pain sufferers.