Jack Flash

Jack Flash Cannabis Strain

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Very good

SMELLS AMAZING!! Smoked a one hitter and was smacked. Felt relaxed like a mf and hungry af lol
Very good

A great​ little boost in the morning!

Jack flash is a true delicacy. Imagine it as an octane booster or baker's yeast. I use it to amplify or intensify other stains depending on my need. PTSD, anxiety, adhd and pain have been silenced with Jack Flash and it's genetic wonder.

My boyfriend and I are hella stoners, so our tolerance is super high (pun intended😂) and we got some of this strain from Native Roots! It was FIRE! Nice heady but functional hybrid type of high. I would most definitely recommend this strain 💜
Very good

Whew, this strain is a mad dog. Really potent and comes on super fast like the description says. The buds look amazing, the smell is wonderful and the high will knock out depression, get you creative and active. Great flower.
Very good

I had an amazing experience with jack flash, with its citrus earthy smell to its sticky leafs it was a fantastic productive and stressless sesh. Munchies were also rather absent as well which is good because they get the best of me lol! but i definitely recommend to all my fellow productive and upbeat stoners. it is the perfect strain
Very good

Up, up and away! Great morning strain. Energized and productive.
Very good

The one hits quick, and gets me really giggly, inspired, creative, and productive!

2. Least favorite strain ive purchased. Tasted/smoked like paper. No real buzz to speak of. I ate a lot after, perhaps good for appetite.
Very good

Good strain to just have a fun time and not worry too much about other stuff that stress you in your daily life. Feels like a sativa until you smoke a decent quantity where it will start to feel more like an indica but not a sleepy one. Great for chill parties or simply to relax while remaining somewhat active. Great taste and great looks. I recommend it