Ghost OG Moonshine

Ghost OG Moonshine Cannabis Strain

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Alright so I rated this a 4 star last time I reviewed it, but when I did moonshine again I realized I was mistaken. I must've had bad bud or was sick or something the first time I did it. This strain is amazing and is now one of my fav indicas out there. Felt super relaxed and helped with a bad headache I had, the high was also amazing. Felt pretty couch stuck this time and pretty much watched a dozen shows on hulu and playe...

Amazing indica and deserves all of its praise. I already loved ghost Og so when I felt this strain felt like a super enhanced version I was happy. Made me feel extremely happy and was a euphoric high. Was a blast for me when I was just chilling out listening to music. Super fun to do, 4/5
Very good

Compassionate Sciences ATC in Bellmawr, NJ has this strain listed as sativa-dominant. It doesn't make me sleepy though, so I'm wondering if the listing as indica-dominant here is incorrect? Not sure, but Ghost OG Moonshine helps me greatly -- I deal with Chronic Pain, Bipolar, ADD, Anxiety and other issues, which symptoms are largely kept at bay during the day when smoking this, while allowing me to keep awake and active, ...

One of my top 3 faves from Compassionate Sciences ATC in NJ--they have a very hard time keeping this little known secret in stock! All around strong and effective for pain, muscle spasms, GI issues, depression/anxiety, and appetite. Even as an Indica I am able to vape this during the day and still function around the house but found it could also help me sleep/make me sleepy, especially when smoked.
Very good

The strain at CSATC is incredible. Killed my nausea & stomach pain. Tastes & looks amazing. Nice uplifting feeling buzz.
Very good

One of if not the best Sativa in NJ. Euphoria is off the map and is capable of relieving the heaviest of muscle and stomach pains. I wish Compassionate Sciences was better at keeping the good meds in stock and at lower prices, then GOG would ALWAYS be in my cabinet.
Very good

One of the best strains to make you hungry and then a good nights sleep. Lovely strain.

I also picked up the Sativa dominant hybrid strain from my ATC in NJ. Wonderful cerebral high, murdering depression. Good appetite stimulation, bye nasuea. Smoking/Vaping all night revealed more of its indica side. Feeling my arms a little a\more and allowing me a great nights sleep, destroying insomnia. This strain 100% recommend to other medical patients going through chemo and radiation.
Very good

This super sticky, and darker-than-normal Indica strain is new to me. There are definitive pros and cons to og Ghost! It's extremely potent, making it an awesome pain reliever to medical marijuana patients. It's also as good as an Rx sleeping pill. That's when the double-edge sword rears it's evil face, b/c Ghost can enhance sleep but sleep will also be your best friend. It feels like I have a "weed hangover" in the mornin...
Very good

Aphrodisiac To be sure. But be careful it might send you to sleep instead