Chemo Cannabis Strain

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Good sleepy body high, sure, but makes me feel like I have an IQ of 40 and adopt a generally negative POV
Very good

Im sorry guys, like old school hashplant and original blueberry, the genetics for this strain died out almost two decades ago. Im from BC, born and raised, the son of a grower, been in the business myself for decades, not really a pro, though I did it for a living more than once, but certainly not like some of these guys. That being said, I was there, I remember, its not second hand for me. Some context, other than south...
Very good

Since the strain chemo cookies isn’t on here I thought I’d review this strain instead. Very intense strain, smoke too much and you’ll be a vegetable. Tastes sweet, almost like chestnut. Not too harsh on the lungs. Very euphoric..

Very reflective, spiritual, euphoric, and transcendent. I got dry throat and arousal, an odd combination indeed. Very relaxing and great for sleep. It feel that the high is a bit like a creeper type of high. Would recommend.

The chemo i smoke is realy great with white crystal over light green typical indica buzz good for anxiety appetite sleep relax with woody nutty tropical aroma i have too said the one i get is AAA strong indica like bluberry puple kush or grand daddy . Popular in Montréal underrated in U.S
Very good

Great high, I love the buzz. The taste is very strong. Smells extremely pungent.

Not the best indica i've ever tried but still not bad. Provide a good sesative effect that last for a good moment.
Very good

Best strain I've ever smoked!!! It makes you very numb and spaced out, which is what I like. Warning, be ready with munchies!
Very good

Amazing “before bed smoke”. Relaxes all my muscles, clears my mind from stress and just puts me right to sleep. I don’t consider this one a social strain. I don’t feel creative or curious or chatty – I just want to sleep. No giggles, and if I try to watch a movie or read, my attention span is short as I just want to nod off. Hasn’t given me the munchies, but I usually smoke and go right to bed. Be interesting to try it durin...

Not great if you have anxiety and depression, I'be been smoking this for the past few days and my depression is good, but the anxiety is quiet high