Black D.O.G.

Black D.O.G. Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Have to say by far one of the best strains I’ve had, bought it dry, amount of crystals on it also is astonishing, really does the job and relaxes you out after a stressful day

Interesting... I think "Wet Dog" would suit this strain better. What a crazy unappealing nose!? Smells like a bird cage or cat food :) Beautiful nugs, frosty and compact. They look like little spearheaded alien poop. Pretty chill smoke not too strong but solid body buzz with clear head. Would like a wee jar of it on rotation for awhile. Worth a smoke.
Very good

Big black looking super frosty buds, up close it's purple against green...pretty. Has a unique grapeish flavor. The buzz is very akin to Hindu Kush, fog clearing, super mellow, zen focus. Decent for daytime if you roll Indicas before sunset, but will get sleepy at high doses.
Very good

Love the flavor and its a very nice strain for relaxing! Very earthy and piney taste 😎

When I smoked it, I wanted to fall asleep asap and it worked. Very euphoric feeling and instant sleepiness.
Very good

at first taste I had an earthy inhale and more of a berry after taste on the exhale. A really relaxing high. I felt like it's the perfect strain after a long day or a rainy afternoon. Book reading or TV watching high, ya know. body high with a bit of a cerebral kick.

Excellent for relaxation and sleep.

Nice strain, pleasant body high but tiring. Made me very hungry
Very good

BlackDOG is relaxing & mellow yet not too sedating. Great for binge watching Netflix or hanging with friends. Have plenty of snacks on hand or you’ll eat the entire kitchen. Not for novice tokers ;) Relatively easy to grow, has large dense buds & a heavy producer. It has a slightly peppery taste & smell. Enjoy
Very good

great for relaxing , very nice berry taste