9 Pound Hammer

9 Pound Hammer Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Very good

Like a 9 LB Hammer dropping on my head, this one knocks me right out and gets me a good nights sleep. Love this one after a long stressful day.
Very good

Excellent Bouquet , love the flavor!! Good strain🔥

Not a bad indica got a quarter of it but it wasn’t heavy enough for me I buy indicas for pain and sleep killed my back pain but was wide awake till 2am. For me this is a good day time indica.
Very good

One of the best for a relaxing evening after work. Stress buster for sure .excellent strain for release of pain .definitely a strain to try .

It gets me high quickly, but the negatives quickly outweigh the positives with a bad headache, forgetfulness, overpowering drowsiness, dry mouth, loss of ambition/drive, and speech impediments.
Very good

This strain is 🔥. Highly recommend it to anybody that enjoys being a sweet, succulent couch potato. It’s definitely some sticky icky too. Extremely nice to work with, doesn’t spray all over the place when you accidentally hit the blunt with your pinky finger while tryin to roll (fellow stoners out there, you gotta know what in talking about). Currently SMACKED off it right now. Gonna fall deep into a crevice in my couch now...
Very good

Decent flavor profile. Instant relief from pain. Seems to be longer lasting than some strains. This is definitely couch Cannabis, however, I also like to use it before I lift weights. It allows me to relax and focus on the task. Good for after workout recovery as well. My main use is nerve pain and PTSD.

awesome...one of my Florida medical favorite
Very good

Smoked this after being on a 2 year hiatus from smoking. I gotta say it was a great decision. I would smoke this during work and although I felt more calm and a great euphoric sensation, none of my coworkers noticed I was high. I also really love the way it tastes. Kinda like lemon grass or something. 10/10 would recommend