Pineapple Gummy

Say aloha to this sneaky little tiki treat. Made from pure high-quality cannabinoid extract (with almost no cannabis taste), these Pineapple Sativa gummies are a perfectly delicious way to create an uplifting high without smells, messes, or worries. With these bad boys the luau is a state of mind.

Reviews breakdown from Pineapple strain

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Happy (100%)
Euphoric (76%)
Uplifted (72%)
Relaxed (66%)
Energetic (54%)
Pineapple (100%)
Sweet (69%)
Tropical (53%)
Citrus (33%)
Earthy (25%)
Dry Mouth (100%)
Dry Eyes (60%)
Headache (38%)
Dizzy (30%)
Paranoid (23%)

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