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Published Jun 10, 2019 02:05 p.m. ET

Weetend is a platform for patients and tenders of cannabis to trade, buy or sell cannabis.

As a medical cannabis user you can utilize the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Program. The Program allows anyone with a medical license to assign anyone over 18 to cultivate their cannabis. See our videos located on our homepage for more details. Health Canada designation forms are found here.

As a recreational cannabis user in Canada you can share and trade but not sell or buy cannabis from individuals. As a recreational user you are allowed to trade or share up to 30 grams of recreational cannabis. Reach out to those on Weetend and connect today!

How do I use Weetend?
Set up an account as grower (aka tender) to find patients or set up an account as a patient to find a tender, or you can trade cannabis from Tender to Tender. Then simply contact each other via the preferred contact method on your profiles.

What is the process for obtaining my medical cannabis prescription?
You need to visit an authorized health care practitioner to obtain a prescription. In several provinces (Ontario and BC) a medical prescription for cannabis will only be issued if all other alternatives are exhausted. If this is the case there are physicians across Canada that will prescribe medical cannabis if they believe it would augment a patients quality of life. Please use the doctor finder to help you find a doctor near you. Some physicians can consult via Skype if you are too remote.

Check them out at https://weetend.com

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