Weed Talks - Episode 8 - The Potency Engineer

Published May 15, 2020 01:56 p.m. ET

Welcome to Weed Talks hosted by Lester From Cannabis Wiki. Join him as he interviews various people in the Cannabis industry and community to find out who they are and what they're up to.

Today we are honored to have with us Jeffrey Sargent aka The Potency Engineer. Having a decade of experience in the field of production and processing, Jeffrey is the best choice to assist your increase in production yield. He is the go to guy for knowing how to retain and even increase your bottom line. Having used most devices in the field gives him first hand knowledge and allows for an exciting demonstration.

Having a love for the Cannabis plant Jeffrey wanted a piece of equipment that would keep the potency in the flower and that's how the UltraTrimmer came into existence. From his demonstrations of how the UltraTrimmer works many people have come to him seeking help to get better results in their own growing and so he began consultation for growing Cannabis.  It doesn’t matter what you call it – cannabis, weed, pot, marijuana, hemp – if you grow, you need to trim. If you need to trim, the only answer is the UltraTrimmer.


Check out the UltraTrimmer: https://ultratrimmer.ca/

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