Weed Talks - Episode 2 - Marcel Martel

Published Oct 8, 2019 04:47 p.m. ET

Marcel Martel joined Lester at the Cannabis Wiki studios, to discuss the benefits of cannabis as a medicinal supplement.

Marcel Martel was born in Northern Quebec and now resides in Brantford, Ontario. His early love for cooking led him to be the culinary chef he is today. His journey started at age 16, culminating at Canada College.

Marcel Martel is a Red Seal Culinary Chef, and has worked for many culinary delight businesses, including Casino Windsor and the Cara restaurant chain. Marcel was against cannabis use in all manners, deeming it stupid, and he helped to continue the stigma, that cannabis "was the devil."

Marcel was diagnosed with Brain Stem Glioma, which attaches to the brain stem. 1 in 400 usually survives this diagnosis. The medical treatment offered to him, chemotherapy and radiation made him feel the worst that he had ever felt. He was introduced to cannabis by a hippy type couple in a restaurant he was operating. The knowledge they provided him with the health benefits of cannabis intrigued him.

He learnt to make his own Rick Simpson Oil. Quickly within a day, he noticed an improvement in his mood; his appetite was returning. He is quick to mention that cannabis may not get rid of the tumor. However his quality of life is improved. Happily, Marcel's tumor has not grown in size.


Marcel wanted to share his knowledge and excitement about what this plant can do for the body and mind. He vigorously went about forming the company The Devil's Lettuce Cooking with Cannabis. He wanted to give people the power and knowledge to control their own medicine.

Marcel and his company can infuse any culinary delight you wish, from jams to chocolate and even BBQ sauce. He states there is no end in what he can infuse cannabis into. The customer provides the cannabis, and Marcel produces the medicine in any mouthwatering delight that suits your palate.

The Devil's Lettuce Cooking with Cannabis will be delivering a medicinal cannabis cooking class. Our Kitchen located at 20 Roy Boulevard in Brantford will be the venue. Any information and tickets can be purchased through the site http://ourkitchenbrantford.ca/ or through contacting Marcel on his website or Facebook page.

Marcel and his company donates 25% of all profits back into the medical cannabis community. His goal is to rid the stigma attached to cannabis, through education and information.

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