Tree Yo-Self Holiday Party & Variety Show

Published Dec 31, 2020 01:31 p.m. ET

The Tree Yo-Self Holiday & Variety show is our way of spreading cheer this year because we deserve it, and so do you.

Organizers from Alan Aldous, Erbn Green, and Jessica Nudo PR are collaborating with talented entertainers, local brands, and educators to create a fun and free 4-hour program where everyone (of age) can drop in, crack up, and chill out.

Participants have generously given items for a Silent Auction. Come bid on covetable cannabis accessories from some of the hottest brands—Shatterizer, Krush, Erbn Green, The Green Cannabis Co., Mihi, and more!


100% of the funds we are collecting via Eventbrite donations and the Silent Auction will go to The LifeLine Canada Foundation.


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