Top 10 must-see cannabis videos

Published Dec 24, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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There is a slew of cannabis videos available on the web that offer a great way to educate those that have little knowledge of cannabis. Even a seasoned smoker can always learn a few new tips and tricks, and cannabis videos are also a great way to debunk myths that surround the marijuana plant. There are many documentaries, cooking shows, and of course, there is your all-time stoner make you laugh videos

1. Clearing the Smoke, the Science of Cannabis

Director: Anna Rau

This video is totally focused on the science and medicinal properties of marijuana. In this movie, she explains the symptoms of illness and how pot works to help to ease them. It also includes interviews with doctors and patients with a fair number from people who are not for marijuana. This great informative movie gives an excellent view of all different aspects in both affirmative and the not so favorable opinions along with current research results pertaining to cannabis.

2. Grass The History of Marijuana

Director: Ron Mann

Woody Harrelson narrates this film, and it offers a tremendous historical outlook on the cannabis plant and the fabulous uses it has. This film is entertaining and shows how the cannabis plant was given a bad name for so many years. It also talks about the war against drugs and how cannabis was and still is part of it. Grass is exciting and very informative, educational with a little bit of humour and some great tunes. A definite must-see.

3. The Union, The Business Behind Getting High

Director: Brett Harvey

This film talks about how an illegal industry can exist and how it includes all kinds of people, from politicians to doctors, criminologists, producers , and economists. You get to hear everyone's viewpoint on cannabis and how society looks at it. The Union also makes clear the lack of freedoms that we have in regards to marijuana in society, even now. In-depth and very educational.

4. The Legend of 420

Director: Peter Spirer

This is an excellent film with a nice mixture of comedy and documentary. It’s a great balance while still hitting some essential subjects like where is this industry headed? What are some products that may be available, and of course, 420.

5. Super High me

Director: Micheal Bliden

This is a hilarious video. The main character stays off weed for an entire month before he smokes marijuana non-stop for 30 days. Then he gets medical exams on things like his mental health and well being so that he can understand the different effects that it has on his body . It’s totally just like Supersize Me, which, as I'm sure you all remember, offered great humour.

6. Grassroots


Director: Dale Beaumont-Brown

Grassroots is about a thirty-year-old man that has multiple sclerosis, and he uses marijuana to help ease his symptoms. In turn, he is constantly being scrutinized and has regular run-ins with the law. This film gives light to the amount of stigma involved with cannabis and how much courage it takes to stand by what you believe in. Great inspirational film.

7. Pineapple Express

Director: David Gordon Green

Pineapple Express is a great comedy full of adventure, so if you are looking to sit back and relax and have a few laughs, then Pineapple Express is a must-watch. It highlights weed dealing friends, murders, and a total stoners experience that every cannabis lover should see.

8. When We Grow – This is What We Can Do

Director: Seth Finegold

When We Grow is a great film on the cannabis industry. You will find a little bit of everything in this one, including hemp, prohibition, and cultivation from industrial levels right down to your own personal crop. Yes, this is focused in Brittan, but it’s a great watch.

9. Waiting to Inhale

Director: Jed Rife

The focus of this documentary is the movement for medicinal cannabis by examining the science behind marijuana and how many benefits it has. It’s a great inspirational documentary that talks about laws and how they need to change. A must-see film for sure.

10. The God Plant

Director: John K Webber

This documentary is intense gets right into the nitty-gritty of how cannabis can benefit everyone if legalized. The perks would come from taxes for improvement of each city's medical facilities, and scientific research. Our community loves this one.

There are some fantastic documentaries and films on cannabis. From comedies to the activism involved and all of them show how important it is to have activists standing up for our rights. Hemp, it is oh so the magical fix for almost everything, right to your straight-up comedy on a Friday night high. No matter what you like, there is something for everyone, so enjoy and entertain yourself with one of the theses great shows!

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