The Higher Estate - Episode 5 - Brian Chaplin

Published May 6, 2020 04:14 p.m. ET

Welcome to The Higher Estate hosted by Dr.Ira Price, founder of Synergy Health Services, medical doctor, entrepreneur and medical cannabis pioneer. Alongside co-host Janelle Powell.

The Higher Estate is a show bridging the gap between the medical and the lifestyle worlds in which Dr. Price calls mindful consumption. Dr. Price Brings with various guests to discuss all things Cannabis and wellness; from business, politics and lifestyle.

Today Dr. Ira Price is joined by Brian Chaplin, Cannabis startup strategist, Emerald Cup Winner and Founder/Chief Creative Officer of Medicine Box. Brian fell into the medical cannabis trade, graduating from underground indoor cultivation techniques to sustainable, permaculture outdoor designs. His professional growth corresponded with a shift towards sobriety, culminating in his enrollment into the worldwide 12-step community in 2012.

Recognizing that cannabis needed to shed its outlaw abuses and rediscover its roots as a regionally produced, open-source/fair-trade agricultural tradition, Brian premiered Medicine Box in 2016. His rustic, homemade creations, have earned Chaplin and his company mentions in Rolling Stone, DOPE Magazine, HIGH TIMES, MG Retailer and Green Entrepreneur for their integration of classical herbalism with whole-plant cannabis extraction techniques.


Check out his Website: https://medicinebox.green/

Also you can listen to our podcast at:—>>
SoundCloud: bit.ly/2wVS0KZ

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