The Green Room Podcast - Episode 66 - Kaye Parker

Published Sep 15, 2022 07:43 p.m. ET

Content creator Kaye Parker has always been in the entertainment industry but blew up 2 years ago after one of her TikToks went viral. Before her social media success Kaye began developing a love for music and the arts in her early teen years, Kaye was discovered by various entertainment industry contacts. This lead to a music career that lasted a few years before starting her family and having her three beautiful children.

Fast forward a few years, Kaye wanted to develop a platform and her voice to be shared beyond music. In late 2020 an idea sparked that encompassed all of Kaye’s passions, an online TV show called “Trials & Tribulations.’’ The show goes into detail about the guests’ successes, failures and what they’ve learned over the course of their career and life.

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