The Green Room Podcast - Episode 64 - John Fowler - Muskoka Grown

Published Sep 1, 2022 01:02 p.m. ET

John Fowler is the President of Muskoka Grown, a Toronto-based lawyer one of the original founders of Supreme Cannabis’ flagship brand, 7ACRES located near Kincardine, Ont.  Between 2013-2019 Fowler raised over $350 million to build 7ACRES, which created over 600 jobs locally.

Muskoka Grown are a team of people brought together by their passion for producing great tasting cannabis and love it as much as you do!  They believe in doing all the little things correctly that make every bud look, smell and taste great.  Small but mighty, Their team works hard everyday to craft products they know you’ll love at prices that are affordable.

Located in Bracebridge, ON, they operate within a custom-built indoor facility that enables them the ability to dial everything in just right.  The result is flower that’s consistently delicious, potent & smooth.

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