The Green Room Podcast - Episode 17 - Chef Marcel Martel

Published Feb 12, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET

Welcome to  The Green Room the premier cannabis weekly events podcast, featuring Jacqui Childs, the best selling author and award-winning social media influencer, and Lester from Cannabis Wiki.

Join them weekly as they educate, keep you informed and up to date with Cannabis Events, Conferences, Expos, Business Awards, Cup’s, Crawls, and Gala’s.  The cannabis plant and all its wonders have proven to be an exciting industry. The Green Room will keep you up to date on the most relevant and pertinent cannabis issues.

Today we are honored to have Chef Marcel Martel. Chef Marcel is a Red Seal Culinary Chef, and has worked for many culinary delight businesses, including Casino Windsor and the Cara restaurant chain. Marcel was against cannabis use in all manners, deeming it stupid, and he helped to continue the stigma, that cannabis "was the devil."

Marcel was diagnosed with Brain Stem Glioma, which attaches to the brain stem. 1 in 400 usually survives this diagnosis. The medical treatment offered to him, chemotherapy and radiation made him feel the worst that he had ever felt. He was introduced to cannabis by a hippy type couple in a restaurant he was operating. The knowledge they provided him with the health benefits of cannabis intrigued him.

Marcel wanted to share his knowledge and excitement about what this plant can do for the body and mind. He vigorously went about forming the company The Devil's Lettuce Cooking with Cannabis. He wanted to give people the power and knowledge to control their own medicine.


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