Sun Parlour Grower Supply

Published Jun 18, 2019 10:56 a.m. ET
Sun Parlour

For 50 years Sun Parlour Grower Supply has serviced the Canadian greenhouse industry with quality products. We satisfy customers with products they need, when they need them at a price they appreciate.

Over time, Sun Parlour Grower Supply has evolved to meet the requirements of more advanced greenhouse operations. At our store and warehouse in Leamington, Ont. we stock 10,000 different items featuring industry-trusted brands of fertilizer, chemicals, irrigation and greenhouse covers. We carry everything a greenhouse operator requires, from plumbing and hardware supplies to seeds and packaging. Sun Parlour Grower Supply prides itself on our strong supplier relationships, together we are dedicated in offering our customers the highest quality and most technological advanced agricultural items for your greenhouse operation.

Our customized services include blending bulk fertilizer in dry or liquid form in pre-washed, sterilized and labeled hopper totes, custom cutting poly plastic for ground or roof cover, and our own proprietary brand of greenhouse shade cover.

Four in-house delivery trucks transport goods as far as the Niagara Falls/Toronto region and beyond those boundaries, we engage reliable logistics companies to deliver full- or less-than-load shipments.


Our store is open six days a week but the Sun Parlour Grower Supply team can be reached 24-7. Whether the order is placed online, by phone or in person our friendly and experienced sales team is ready to serve customers across North and South America.

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