Stealth Box

Published Jun 27, 2019 11:51 a.m. ET

How many plants will Stealth Box grow?

  • We include everything in the box for 4 plants - the legal number in Canada. The box could be scaled up or down depending on your plans.

How much cannabis can I grow?

  • 2 - 4 ounces (up to 112 grams) is the average grow a novice grower could expect to yield. To give you an idea that will be about 5 x 500ml mason jars! The yield is fantastic, but more notable are the organic, quality buds created with this box - you will see what we mean at harvest time!

How long is a grow cycle?

  • 12-16 weeks is the average grow cycle (this varies depending on the strain and how you like your high). Your grow is unique to you, but we will show you the necessary steps whatever your goals may be. You are taking your grow from seed to harvest - enjoy the ride!

Do I need to use the included Gaia Green Living Soil?

  • This is up to you - it is a great soil which is why we highly recommend it. The system has been tested and approved for other soils and mediums. The system is very flexible and can accommodate what you are used to, but personally we are big fans of the yield and quality produced with Gaia Green Organic products -- and we think you will be too!

Can I grow from clone or seed?

  • You can grow from either clone or seed. Clone is much quicker and also guarantees females. Clones may not be legally sold in all provinces but seeds will be available Canada-wide - please check your province's laws. We give you all the supplies and instruction to take your seed to harvest - call us hippies, but we feel the journey is half the fun!

What's included?

  • Everything to take your plants from seed to harvest. Powder-coated Steel Cabinet, LED Quantum Board, Certified Australian Carbon Filter, Darkroom Louver Vents, Quiet Exhaust Fan, Quiet Circulation Fan, Organic Soil and Powerbloom nutrient from Gaia Green, 2 Gallon Cloth Pots, Watering Can, Spray Bottle, Seedling Dome, Titanium Trimming Scissors, Stealth Box Grow Manual. Just add Seeds (we provide a seed selection guide) and Water.

how big is the box?

  • 20" x 20" x 36" (height)
  • 60 lbs without soil, 70 lbs soil included

How much energy will this cost to run?

  • With low draw LED lighting and low draw fans, the average draw is around 120V/1.6A (roughly $5 a month).

Is there any smell?

  • No! The system is entirely scent-proof, owing to the built-in, oversized 12" carbon filter. There is no need to vent the box as the carbon filter absorbs any scent (and only needs to be replaced every 2 years!)

Can I repair the box as parts break down?

  • Yes! The system is fully modular, so any component can be easily removed and replaced. The system comes with a 1 year warranty and parts are shipped from North Vancouver, British Columbia.

What is the Grow Guide?

  • A manual created by our in-house Growmaster for the Stealth Box. It will take you step by step through your first grow. It includes more in-depth information on the equipment specifications, as well as various techniques and why we use them. A seed selection guide is included, along with photos.
  • In Canada and worldwide the box is legal - it is just a box. It is built to the federal laws for home growing outlined in The Cannabis Act. Customers may decide to use these boxes to grow things other than cannabis, and for this reason we offer them for sale outside Canada. We do not ship soil or nutrients beyond borders, however, so please bear this in mind when making your decision.

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