SeedERP - CBD and Cannabis Vending Machines

Published May 6, 2019 11:54 a.m. ET

Over the past few years we have watched an industry change dramatically. With changes in regulations and the resulting rapid growth, there became a huge need for better technology to allow business owners to manage their operations without the added unnecessary stresses.

New applications and tools have been introduced in the market in hope to help dispensaries or hemp retailers grow their business, however, it has become a marketplace of a variety of solutions that only solve single issues, which creates more headaches when trying to get everything to work together in unison.

Here at SeedERP, our core mission is to provide industry business owners everything they need to manage their business properly, in one place. With SeedERP, we streamline business operations and removes headaches from trying to integrate different sales channels or marketing tools.


We are more than just your techies.We are your partners, and we are excited to work with you in this wild west industry, to help you succeed by working alongside you and your business, creating the tools that you need most to get the job done right.

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