Professional Cannabis Consulting Inc

Published Jun 6, 2019 12:02 p.m. ET

Hamilton’s Leading Cannabis Consultation Company.

Professional Cannabis Consulting Inc. in Hamilton, Ontario is dedicated to helping corporations, businesses and individuals obtain the proper government licenses for a wide selection of cannabis-related products and services, including business consultation, product development, education, medical & cultivation licensing.

The founder of Professional Cannabis Consulting Inc, Olivia Brown, has accumulated over fifteen years of experience in the medical cannabis industry before starting her consultation organization. As a patient herself, she experienced the long process and procedures the Canadian government had put in place for her to obtain her medical license, and she wanted to simplify that process for others.

Proud to be the first Canadian woman to complete a university-level education on cannabis, Olivia Brown is a certified Natural Health practitioner and a bonafide expert with over 10,000 hours of documented research. To this day, she has helped thousands of patients, and a growing number of successful businesses obtain the necessary documentation and licenses for their cannabis needs.


Dedicated to helping businesses and corporations comprehend and work with Canada’s latest cannabis regulations and laws, Professional Cannabis Consulting Inc. works to help businesses properly educate their staff, obtain medical and cultivation licensing for producing products and services so they may succeed in the ever growing Canadian legal cannabis market.

Check them out at https://www.professionalcannabisconsulting.ca

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