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Published Sep 28, 2021 01:01 p.m. ET

The OTTO Grinder from banana bros. brand is a smart grinding machine that will perfectly ground your dry herbs and fill cones better than you could ever dream of doing with any manual device – all within seconds. The OTTO Grinder is one of the first of its kind to use artificial intelligence technology that has been exclusively patented by the banana bros. brand.

This AI tech automatically detects the consistency of the herb being ground and then adjusts accordingly to provide the most even grind you’ll ever see. Included with the OTTO Grinder are 6 wide-lipped cones that are all-natural and provide an even, slow burn.


The OTTO device loads up cones in seconds, without spilling or wasting your herbs. With the OTTO, pressing one button will evenly “mill and fill” your favorite herbs into cones within seconds.

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