Mystery Box - Episode 4 - Exoh Hookah

Published Jul 29, 2021 11:21 a.m. ET

Welcome to Mystery Box, a whole new review and unboxing series that promises to keep consumers of all types on the edge of their seats! Here you’ll find all of the latest and greatest bongs, vaporizers, papers, tools, and cannabis options offered up, with 100% honest feedback that you can count on.

Today we have the Exoh Hookah. With a vision of a portable hookah that allows the user to enjoy a choice of CBD oil, THC oil, or E-juice, Buffalo New York raised product designer - Brandon Hudson invented the world's first and only cannabis oil/e-liquid hookah called the Exoh Hookah. After his initial idea, he began educating himself on the market and curating a line of new age hookahs with unique designs and styles. These hookahs were made to capture the attention of people worldwide!

Exoh Hookahs are a line of CBD, THC, and E-Liquid compatible hookahs that use NO COAL, NO WATER and NO SHISHA. These hookahs allow a user to enjoy their choice or combination of THC oil cartridges, CBD oil cartridges and E-Liquid with a smooth hookah feel. Their hookahs promote high-design with a look and feel that has never been seen before.

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