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Mystery Box - Episode 2 - Cheech and Chong Gift Box

Published Jul 15, 2021 10:55 a.m. ET

Welcome to Mystery Box, a whole new review and unboxing series that promises to keep consumers of all types on the edge of their seats! Here you’ll find all of the latest and greatest bongs, vaporizers, papers, tools, and cannabis options offered up, with 100% honest feedback that you can count on.

Blazebox is an online store that provides a wide variety of cannabis related products in themed boxes. Today we have with us the Cheech and Chong Gift Box. Unlike other themed boxes Blazebox has put a lot of thought and time in putting together these boxes with useful and usable items that will definitely help enhance your cannabis experience. Some of the items included are, a heavy duty rolling tray, rolling papers, metal doob tube, pre rolled cones and the Cheech and Chong bong.


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