MJBizCon - Interview with Former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell

Published Sep 9, 2019 06:11 p.m. ET

Kim Campbell was the first Canadian Prime Minister to hold office in all three levels of government: municipal, provincial and federal. Her extensive experience on the world stage includes participation in major international meetings such as the G-7, NATO and Commonwealth summits and the United Nations General Assembly. Kim Campbell has led a number of global organizations, including the Council of Women World Leaders, the International Women’s Forum and the Club of Madrid. With the Club of Madrid, the world’s largest forum of former democratic presidents and prime ministers, she was elected secretary general. She also is a member of the Global Leadership for Climate Action, where she is a champion for the environment while making strong business and economic cases for sustainability.

Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell was one of the speakers at the MJBizConINT'L, she shared insights on Canadian cannabis regulations as well as how stakeholders can work with the government to improve regulations and laws.

We had the pleasure of a sit down interview, where we asked her several questions relating to the cannabis industry.


Check out this interview on what she had to share.

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