MJBizCon - Humble + Fume Interview

Published Sep 10, 2019 01:19 p.m. ET

humble+fume is Canada’s leading distributor of cannabis accessories. They offer the largest range of products and accessories to legal dispensaries, head shops and smoke shops of all sizes. They work with over 200 of the leading industry brands and offer more than 10,000 products and accessories. With distributions centres across North America, they are well positioned to help grow your business. Their team believes pairing cannabis accessories is at the heart of contemporary enjoyment, and look forward to working with you and creating the perfect experience for customers.

Like their clients, humble+fume dedicates itself to providing exceptional customer service and educating customers in the evolving industry. They strive to provide the best cannabis experiences and to be the first choice for customers. They accomplish this by understanding the changing landscape of the cannabis community and creating product solutions based on shopper opportunities and customer needs.


Discover their brands by visiting their website at https://humbleandfume.com/

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