MJBizCon - Green Wise Interview

Published Sep 12, 2019 11:12 a.m. ET

Green Wise is an all in one stylish grow cabinet designed for the at home gardener who wants to cultivate their own plants without the complications of traditional grow tent gardening.

For many years now the preferred method of indoor gardening involved a grow tent. This tent would typically be stored in a discreet location in one’s home. Usually the basement or a closet.Green Wise saw the need for a simple solution that would give the user a personal grow without high costs and large time commitments. So they set out to create an in home grow kit that was stylish, effective, worry free and virtually fully automated.  

"We believe our Green Wise kit is the perfect solution for those wanting their own personal cannabis supply. No harsh artificial chemicals, high energy cost or large time commitments involved. Start your personalized grow journey today with the Green Wise grow kit."


Check out their website https://green-wise.com/ to learn more about this awesome grow kit.

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