MJBizCon - Bioline Interview

Published Sep 10, 2019 12:39 p.m. ET

Bioline AgroSciences Ltd produces and markets a wide range of invertebrate biological control organisms which are used for control of insect pests in a variety of crops. They are a global company, active in 30 different countries, with particular strength in Europe and North America. Their primary target crops are protected vegetables, ornamental, soft fruits and berries. At Bioline AgroSciences Ltd, they pride themselves on providing the highest quality products and services in order to support growers in maintaining yield and quality of their produce.

Their mission is to be the preferred global provider of integrated crop management solutions:

  • Supporting growers to maintain their yields and quality, by providing innovative tools for sustainable agriculture
  • Providing the highest quality products and technical advice, for use in Integrated Crop Management
  • Giving all of our customers an unrivaled service and the highest standards of support
  • Working with a network of closely allied distributors to ensure that we are a truly global company
  • Investing in our people, because their knowledge is the key to our future

Visit their website at https://www.biolineagrosciences.com/ to see all that they offer.

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