Magical Moments with Chef Marcel Martel - Episode 1 - Chocolate Drip Strawberries

Published Feb 25, 2020 04:24 p.m. ET

Welcome to Magical Moments with Chef Marcel Martel, our new Cannabis cooking show. Chef Marcel is a Red Seal Culinary Chef, and has worked for many culinary delight businesses, including Casino Windsor and the Cara restaurant chain.

Today Chef Marcel is going to make Chocolate Dip Strawberries using the Magical Butter Machine.

Ingridents used:

1 Cup Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate
1/2 Cup White Chocolate
Coconut Oil using the Magical Butter Machine


This dish has 27% THC Cannabis. 100mg in the Dark Chocolate and 50mg in the White Chocolate. Depending on the size of the Berries, 8-10 can be used in making this dessert.

Check out the full video to see how you too can make these delicious Chocolate Dip Strawberries.

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